Employee Productivity and Air Conditioning: The Link That Will Save Your Bottom Line

air conditioning, commercial HVACWhen office space is at a premium and saving money is a top priority, updating or installing air conditioning for your business may seem like an unnecessarily frivolous expense. While fans and wall units may provide some relief from the paralyzing Southern California heat, your staff will be the first to tell you they are not completely effective.

And here’s the really big news. Did you know researchers have found a conclusive link between ambient indoor temperature and workplace productivity?

Comfortable Working Environments Mean Employees Can Do Their Jobs

You wouldn’t dream of making your employees use typewriters, or work in total darkness. Most likely, you would not consider playing ACDC at top volume throughout the day. Why not? Forget even basic courtesy: these decisions would have a severe impact on workplace productivity. The temperature of your office environment is no different.

Cornell University Finds Decisive Evidence Connecting Temperature with Profits

According to scientists at Cornell University, the association between indoor conditions and performance measures is a direct one. As you might expect, workers make more mistakes, use their computer mouse less frequently, and accomplish fewer concrete tasks the more uncomfortable the workplace.

Furthermore, along with loud noise and excessive vibration, unpleasant indoor temperatures (either too hot or too cold) are shown to result not only in deleterious effects to performance rates, but also to your bottom line. The same studies demonstrate that profit generation declines in such environments.

Faulty Air Conditioning and “Sick Building Syndrome”

As if that weren’t bad enough, faulty or ineffective air conditioning also plays a role in the health and well being of your employees. “Sick Building Syndrome,” a set of nonspecific illnesses ranging from frequent headaches and flu-like symptoms to more serious respiratory problems caused by mold, pollutants and poor ventilation, has been shown to result in increased absenteeism and reduced employee productivity. With an improperly installed or poorly maintained air conditioning system making people sick, your building can literally become a real safety hazard, fast. This doesn’t just harm your profits­–it can result in serious, long-term health problems for employees that lead to lawsuits, disability and ruined lives.

Indoor Air Temperature Makes a Difference

There is a solution. Your trained, experienced air conditioning consultant can discuss cost effective indoor air quality and environmental systems that can not only save you money in the long term, but make you money in the form of employee satisfaction, health and overall productivity. Let our technicians do a complete assessment of your building’s existing ventilation, temperature control systems, and overall energy efficiency. With so many unknowns in the business world today, why not rely on those changes you can bank on?


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