Smart HVAC: What Facility Managers Need to Know

Save money and energy with new technologies.

Why heat or cool an office that’s not being used?

If you own or manage a commercial property, keeping your site running smoothly with a minimum of expensive upkeep or equipment failure is critically important. Maintaining a pleasant environment is also essential, as no one likes to be uncomfortable, especially if they have work to do.

Given these facts, what used to be regarded as somewhat of a novelty in the world of HVAC is now quickly becoming a new standard for heating and air conditioning. In 2017, it’s all about smart HVAC, including thermostats.

Are you going with the flow? For facility management, the benefits of smart HVAC comes down to three main areas.

#1. Smart HVAC offers operational data.

When it comes to streamlining your bottom line, you should be aware of not only how you’re spending your energy budget, but where. When your HVAC system is connected to an intelligent network, you have all that information at your fingertips. What’s more? You can begin looking at what your needs really are.

And furthermore, if you connect up a smart HVAC system to an intelligent lighting system, you can actually see how your building is really used. When are peak work times? When is the facility empty? The answers to those questions will save you money, reducing the need for a big utility spend when no one is there to use it.

#2. Smart HVAC makes workers happy.

With customizable options and consistent performance, smart HVAC systems keep your tenants and employees comfortable. No more unpleasant heat on already steamy afternoons, or iceberg temperature offices on rainy, cold mornings. Building environments can now be responsive to real time circumstances and data, rather than “if it’s Tuesday, the heat must be on.”

#3. Smart HVAC saves energy.

Too often energy conservation is seen as a sacrifice, requiring workers to sweat it out or bundle up just so the boss or property owner can save money. The great news about smart HVAC? It’s a painless way to reduce energy usage without the hassle. You’ll know which areas aren’t being used and when, so you won’t have to heat or cool them. Conversely, you’ll also be aware of times and building zones that are essential for efficient heating and air conditioning. Problems are easily spotted, and can thus be more easily corrected , too.

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