Help Your HVAC System: Invest in Your Ductwork  

Good Ductwork Translates to Good Value and High Performance

Good ductwork can help improve indoor air quality of commercial HVAC systems.

Saving on various elements of a new heating and air conditioning system is an understandable goal. And a wise one for any commercial building owner. But when it comes to ductwork, few people really understand the benefits of having the right equipment, thoughtfully selected and well-installed. In fact, good air ducts are a critical part of high-performance HVAC for any office, warehouse, manufacturing center, or other commercial building. 

First, it’s important to understand what your duct system does. Not only is it responsible for delivering comfortable air to the rooms in your building, but here’s the kicker: it ensures clean, uncontaminated air, too. Air flowing through your duct system, both supply (outside air drawn inside) and return (inside air brought back outside), is filtered of all the irritants, dust, debris, and bacteria floating around before it gets to you. If your ductwork has been damaged by weather, critters in the walls or attic, or poor maintenance and installation, it may leak that dirty air into areas where people are presumably working. And definitely breathing. Ductwork also goes hand in hand with effective ventilation. And ventilation is a necessary factor in terms of creating a healthy indoor environment.

It starts with a good ductwork design. An efficient layout will save you potentially thousands in heating and cooling costs by ensuring air throughout your building is being distributed in a balanced way. And that the airflow rate is right for both your building and the specifications of your HVAC system. 

Maintenance is also important. Leaky ducts mean your system must work harder to heat or cool your air, since much of it is escaping into areas no one is using between walls or in the ceiling. With energy costs seemingly always on the rise, why pay for that kind of wasted effort?  Maintain your ductwork with regular inspections and upkeep to prevent these kinds of silent but pernicious issues that can pad your bills with unnecessary costs. 

And remember, it doesn’t take much to dislodge a joint or disrupt a tight seal when it comes to ductwork. Whether it’s in the process of doing a repair, a result of wind damage or a mouse coming inside your building’s secret spaces for a visit, duct work can come apart. Again, regular visits from a qualified professional can ensure your equipment is airtight and working exactly as it should. 

In this era of prudent spending, commercial building owners can preserve their system and keep it running in top condition with the right choices in HVAC design, purchase, installation, and maintenance. Take care of your heating and air conditioning, and it will take care of you for the long-term. 


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