Heater Installation and Replacement

Pasadena Heating Installation & Replacement

Is it time to install a new heater? For the best Pasadena, CA heater installation and replacement trust the experts at Air-Tro Inc. Call 626-357-3535 for a quote. Save instantly on your next call by clicking here for deals, specials and coupons.

In addition to providing repair and maintenance to your heating system, the experts at Air-Tro Inc. also specialize in installation and replacement. By providing expert advice with fast and efficient installation, we ensure no client in Pasadena, CA is ever without heat for long.

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Is Replacement a Better Option?

A typical heater will last about 20 years. After that, the heater may become less efficient and obsolete. It’s a good idea to replace your heater if it’s over 20 years old, since a less efficient heater can cost you more money in heating bills and repair costs, especially if the parts for your heater are no longer available.

If you notice your heating bills going up, or if your heater is just not working the way it used to, we often recommend replacing it. At Air-Tro Inc. our experienced technicians are able to show you the best options for efficient and modern heaters for your home.

Why Trust Professionals

Working with a heater can often be tricky work, making a mistake can result in additional costs and headaches. This is why trusting a professional to complete the work is the best bet. At Air-Tro Inc. we believe in getting the job done right the first time.

A professional can also ensure your ductwork is up to par and that all the work is completed up to code, taking into account all your current heating requirements.

Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Working with a more efficient heater will automatically save you money on your heating bill. However there are other things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck with your heating:

  • Invest in annual maintenance to make sure everything is running as it should.
  • Clean air ducts and replace air filters often to ensure proper air flow.
  • If you experience recurring problems with your heater, sometimes replacing it right away is the best way to reduce costs in the long run.

By maintaining your heater and keeping an eye on potential problem areas, you can easily make your heater more efficient and last longer.

Make the Switch Today

Whether you are looking to replace a heater you currently have or simply install a new one, the professionals at Air-Tro Inc. have the tools and experience to install your new heater properly. Don’t waste any more money on recurring repairs. Install a new and efficient heater today. Call 626-357-3535 today for a quote.