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High Efficiency Heat Pump Rebates


High Efficiency Heat Pump Rebates Are Here! Take Advantage of These Deals While You Can!

heat pump rebatesTo accelerate the adoption of clean space technology across California homes, TECH Clean California is making clean space and water heating technologies accessible to more Californians.

Significant rebates and incentives for high efficiency heat pumps in both single family and multi-family homes are now available. But these discounts won’t last long.

Existing single family homes will be eligible for up to $1,000 rebate and pre-approved multi-family units will be eligible for even more. Don’t miss this opportunity for real savings when it comes to energy efficient, high performance HVAC for your home or commercial building.

What Are Heat Pumps… and Why Are They So Effective?

Unlike a conventional HVAC system, heat pump equipment essentially works backwards as well as forwards, doing double duty for maintaining indoor comfort whatever the temperatures outside. Heat pump HVAC keeps you cool during the summer, and essentially works in reverse during the winter, expending less energy than typical heating and air conditioning systems.

heat pump how it works
This means you save money no matter what the season! For folks living and working in areas where it usually doesn’t get below 35 degrees, heat pump HVAC is an ideal way to provide indoor comfort cheaply and reliably all year round. And with these new rebates, you can get this equipment more cheaply than every before.

Green Energy, Plus Extra Benefits.

ecoAlong with its “green energy” status, and superior energy efficiency, heat pumps also get high marks for excellent air filtration, dehumidification, and flexibility. You can choose exactly what kind of system works best for your indoor space, while maintaining better control over the zones you do heat and cool.

Have questions? Unsure if this equipment works for your home or commercial space? We can help. Air-Tro has been keeping California comfortable since 1969.

Call Air-Tro for real savings and better indoor comfort today.