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Mario Agundez

Spick and Span clean.

Spick and Span clean.

- Carl & Lora B.,
Posted on: 11/16/2012
Work done: Remove existing equipment and install new, high efficiency 3 ton central heating and air conditioning. Includes media air filtration for improved indoor air quality.

The service has been great!

The service has been great overall! They seem to be honest and fair with their prices. I got about two other estimates prior to them from other companies, and this company was really upfront with the pricing.

- Joseph M.,
Posted on: 9/25/2012
Work done: Install super-high efficiency split heat pump to keep the upstairs cool while minimizing utility bills.

They were on time and professional

They were on time, on the job and did their work professionally.

- Rolando J.,
Posted on: 9/21/2012
Work done: Install dual-speed air conditioner with matching dual-speed furnace. Dual speed equipment delivers heating and cooling better matched to loads, which vary as outdoor temperatures change.

Great to work with!

Both Jerren and Mario were great to work with!

- Sarah K.,
Posted on: 9/6/2012
Work done: All new Signature system installed to replace existing 3.5 ton system. Included Healthy Climte air filtration to provide MERV10 rated indoor air quality.

They did a great job!

They did a great job!

- Jack L.,
Posted on: 8/17/2012
Work done: Replace all existing central heating and air conditioning systems and ductwork. Install new systems that qualify for Los Angeles County Flex Path rebate program.

Excellent Service.

Excellent service. Quiet, efficient, knowledgable.

- Curtis Y.,
Posted on: 4/6/2012
Work done: Replace all old attic ductwork, as well as removing old electronic air cleaner. Install all new duct system, including mastic-sealed connections, zip-tied junctions, and superior insulated R6 ductwork.

Very Pleased.

Great job. Very pleased. Thanks for the quick install.

- Roscoe Moss Mfg. Inc.,
Posted on: 4/5/2012
Work done: Installed ductless split heating and cooling system. Used Mitsubishi Diamond equipment for best performance.

Great Service!

Very much pleased with the installation. The men were very courteous, knowledgable, and easy to work with. Great service and installation – Thanks!

- Tyler L.,
Posted on: 2/24/2012
Work done: Replace existing two ton central heating and air conditioning. Add Healthy Climate filter to improve indoor air quality.

Very courteous and professional.

Mario and Vicente were very courteous and professional throughout the job. Very thorough; nothing was left behind.

- Ray C.,
Posted on: 2/21/2012
Work done: Remove existing equipment and install new furnace and air conditioner. Add filtration and install new ductwork.


Mario and his team were very nice, worked quitely and effciently. They were very polite and advised me of what they were doing at all times. Kevin was very helpful, knowledgable and efficient. Thank you!

- Kirk A.,
Posted on: 12/15/2011
Work done: Central heating system installation, with new attic furnace, ductwork and color touchscreen thermostat.

Mario was awesome.

Great Job! Mario was awesome. The work area was cleaner than when they came.

- Les B.,
Posted on: 12/14/2011
Work done: Replace all attic ductwork. Install new thermaflex ductwork with added insulation blanket and dual vapor barrier.