Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Why It’s Important

HVAC Maintenance and Why It’s Important

Commercial Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment operates for thousands of hours every year, more than most automobiles.

HVAC units can cost thousands of dollars to replace. Protect your investment by providing your systems with the care they require.

In this video, comfort consultant Jerren Guzman discusses the importance of HVAC maintenance:

“Like any other product you want to make sure it’s working properly for a long period of time so your going to have to get maintenance—just like a car or a refrigerator. You have to have maintenance on it to make sure that get what you pay for over the years. Even if you have a good piece of equipment you want to make sure that you are saving energy and an older piece of equipment would use more energy and even though you might not feel a difference you’ll see a difference in your pocketbook.”

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