Still Using Freon®? Replacing Your HVAC System May Be Inevitable

If your HVAC system is one of the hundreds of thousands that runs on refrigerants that will be phased out soon, the prohibitive costs of its repair might make your HVAC system’s replacement an urgent priority.

Some pre-2009 HVAC units require FREON®, also known as R22, to function properly. But this and other chlorofluorocarbons have been considered to cause irreversible damage to the Earth’s ozone layer. Thus, the Environmental Protection Agency has mandated its elimination by 2020.

Apart from this, its cost has since tripled since 2011 and continues to rise. Understanding the impact of today’s environmental regulations on your operating costs is now mission critical for your business to stay cool and continue to prosper. Newer systems cool far more cheaply than their older counterparts while also adhering to today’s stringent environmental restrictions.

Replacing your old air conditioning system might be expensive, but like Donna Peppercorn says,

“You have to stop and plan for the inevitable.”

Planning ahead can save your company from thousands of dollars in emergency HVAC repairs, and hasty purchases. For more information download the “Freon® Factor” White Paper or, give us a call at 626.357.3535 to set up an appointment. Air-Tro will send an experienced estimator to assess your needs and provide you with a free written quote at no obligation.