UV Sanitizer in a Mini Split AC Makes Working from Home Comfortable for Your Family

Use Samsung UV Light Sanitizing Technology for Health and Comfort

With the entire family working and studying from home, sanitized and comfortable air is a necessity. While one person may prefer a warmer indoor space, another family member may need cooler temps, or no heat at all.

It’s time for Samsung Mini Splits, with a germicidal UV light system from Air-Tro. A ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump is easy to use, simple to install and a durable way to insure total indoor comfort for everyone in your home.

With the Samsung Mini Split, the air is sanitized while providing comfort to each room in the home, according to the needs of each family member.

ductless mini split samsungA mini split system lets you:

  • Get total indoor comfort customization 24/7, for every room in your home
  • Save money, energy and maintenance costs every day by only heating and cooling spaces you do use
  • Avoid the hassles of complicated ductwork and venting issues with a simple to use, easy to maintain HVAC equipment

UV Light Sanitizer Included for Maximum Air Purification and Cleaning

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Peace of Mind from Total UV Air Purification and Cleaning

petri hand uv 300x217 1Only UV light works 24/7 to eliminate potential biohazards from accumulating in your HVAC equipment.

While UV light cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19 or prevent exposure from community-acquired sources, it can stop further contamination of your home and indoor air from bacteria, viruses, dust, smoke, and other pollutants. Homes with UV light protection provide better air quality and easier breathing for everyone.

UV light protection is often suggested for those who struggle with asthma, allergies, existing respiratory problems or are concerned about the effects of smoke, dust and other air pollution for their health and home.

Help your entire family experience comfort and sanitized air while they’re working at home.

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