3 Heating Mistakes That Could Be Costing You

Reduce Energy Expenses with These Heating Tips

Reducing Energy, service and maintenance

Any commercial building owner knows that their asset also comes with overhead. And while keeping operational costs down is always job #1, it’s also important to maintain indoor comfort 24/7 for your tenants and employees, especially when the weather turns cold. How to do both? Check out the three heating mistakes below that you could be making this winter that add unnecessary energy expenses to your bottom line.

Forgetting to change out your air filters.

If you read our blog regularly, you know we cover this frequently. Nevertheless,  you may be surprised to know how many people still don’t realize how much of a difference swapping out your filters can make. The amount of dirt, debris and microscopic irritants that can linger on your filter is frankly significant.

This gunk and fuzz blocks airflow, reduces air quality and forces your system to work harder to heat and cool than it would otherwise. Given how inexpensive and readily available air filters really are, this is the no-brainer solution to a whole lot of HVAC problems you don’t have to have.

Ignoring the programmable thermostat option.

With multiple building occupants, chances are that folks are turning on and off the system multiple times per day if you have only conventional thermostats. The answer? Programmable thermostats! Not only can you adjust the system remotely from your phone or laptop, but also you’ll gain more control over the 24/7 energy cycle of your building. On a cold day, you’ll be able to lower the temperature when the building is unoccupied, and raise it to more of a comfortable level when people come back to work, without forcing your system to turn on and off.

Not considering ductless mini-splits or zoned HVAC.

Are folks fighting over the temperatures in your offices? Think about installing ductless mini splits, for the ultimate in energy efficient, customized temperature control for your building’s occupants. Alternately, an HVAC zoning system might be the answer, with the installation of ductwork dampers to direct heat or cold air as needed throughout the building.

In any case, scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system with a heating and air conditioning professional will address all these issues, and more. Whether it’s a dirty air filter or broken thermostat, even small HVAC problems left unattended for too long often turn into costly ones. Stay ahead of these issues. You’ll be able to optimize performance for your heating equipment—and keep expenses down—all winter long.


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