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Commercial HVAC Installations: Understand the Costs and Considerations Ahead of Time

Break It Down Before You Invest

Commercial HVAC installations

So your employees are freezing in their offices, and the upstairs storage area where no one ever goes is always blazing hot. Your current system usually sounds like an ancient VW pushed beyond its limits on the 210, and there’s a weird smell coming from the furnace, the source of which no one has been able to pinpoint since the last presidential election. Oh, and your air energy bills are through the roof, despite all efforts to conserve.

In other words, it’s time for a new HVAC system. What do you need to know to avoid overspending?

Let’s take a look at some basics as you compare and contrast HVAC systems and companies moving forward:

Insist on a breakdown of costs from any vendor.

Don’t just get simple quotes from HVAC suppliers and then compare them. Understand what each company includes in their price to you, so you can separate out what you’re paying for labor, actual equipment, ductwork, and any costs associated with system startup. While a lower total cost of purchase and installation may seem desirable, read below for important factors to be aware of before you buy.

Ask for a clear description of the costs and benefits of the HVAC equipment you’re thinking about purchasing.

Obviously, some brands cost more than others. Unit size, type of system, and features offered within it are important factors for your consideration. The tricky part? Some equipment may be more expensive up front, but save you money over time by being more energy efficient, cutting your utility bills while maintaining superior indoor comfort. However, other products may be just plain expensive and impractical for the size of your building and its intended usage. Certain brands also can be more reliable than others, resulting in lower maintenance fees down the line, with greater initial costs up front. Review carefully what specific equipment the HVAC company is proposing to install, and why.

Understand what ductwork and piping, if any, will need to be installed. How much will that cost?

Can your new system just be seamlessly integrated into your building’s existing ductwork and piping? Or will new equipment have to be installed? If it’s the latter situation, will you remain open during this transition? How much overall distraction, and interference to daily operations will be caused while the new equipment is installed? How long will it take? Can employees or customers even be in the building while this is happening?

Now is the time to evaluate whether the HVAC company you hire is up to the task. A chatty set of installers with their pants falling down and making a mess should not be on your list of problems to be endured. A respectful, quiet and hard working team of installers doing their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible is of course the desired outcome. Online reviews are your friend here, before you spend any money.

What kind of system start up fees will be required?

Whether it’s permits and inspections, or airflow balancing, what exactly will need to be done before the system is a go? A simple, single-unit HVAC install is different than something involving multiple units and complicated designs.

These questions may seem boring, or even tedious. But remember, all this information will help you not only choose a quality team to install your new equipment, but it will also ensure you have a clear understanding of what you need and why before you spend valuable budget resources on this important purchase.

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