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Business Owners: Trim Your HVAC Budget Costs with These Simple Energy Hacks

Little Changes in Equipment and Usage Add Up to Big Money for Commercial Property Owners

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We all like to save money, but it’s especially important for business owners to cut costs wherever they can to maximize profits. Check out these easy ways to streamline your energy expenses. Even using just one of them will result in more efficient HVAC performance for your commercial building, translating to money saved every time your utility bills come due.

Do a Commercial Energy Audit

Take a look at your energy bills, not just from this past month, but over time. Break down exactly when and where you use electricity in your building. What are your current costs? How do you allocate energy resources in your business? Are you paying to heat and cool offices or warehouse spaces 24 hours a day or on the weekends when you don’t need to, or do you have an overall strategy for curbing usage when it’s not necessary?

Looking at the big picture and examining how things like daylight savings, seasonal climate temps, and occupancy affect your energy usage can and should inform your HVAC operation year round. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced HVAC consultants to discuss solutions to the common problems that reveal themselves in a typical commercial energy audit. Knowing what’s happening is the first step towards eliminating waste and reducing spend. Get the specifics, and then make adjustments.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

We see it all the time: commercial building temperature controls that have been carefully preset, only to run at a higher or lower temp than needed the day of our visit, or worse, over periods when no one is in the building to enjoy them. The right new advanced thermostats can prevent this scenario by allowing you, your tenants or employees to customize indoor comfort according to real-time conditions and usage needs. Furthermore, programmable thermostats can not only improve sustainability, but also have been shown reduce energy waste by hundreds of dollars a year.

A 5+2 model programmable thermostat can be the game changer in eliminating heating or cooling when you don’t need it. Furthermore, you may want to investigate a zoned heating and cooling system for your commercial building. While not right for every indoor setting, in some cases they can save thousands of dollars in energy bills when utilized in the right space.

Changing Filters Works

Did you know that you could reduce your energy costs by up to 10% with clean HVAC filters? Dirty ones reduce airflow throughout your building, while also reducing the quality of your indoor air. Filters are inexpensive and usually simple to swap out. Make a habit of changing them regularly and see the results in lowered monthly utility bills.

The HVAC industry is constantly changing, with new products and technologies designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Check in with Air-Tro to find out more about HVAC “best practices” to lower your commercial energy bills, year round.

Need to cut operating costs? Do it with a streamlined HVAC system. Call Air-Tro today. (626) 357-3535.