Ensure Summer Indoor Comfort with a Commercial HVAC Tune-Up 

Preventative Maintenance Does Make a Difference

Commercial HVAC Indoor Comfort
Tenants of any commercial property appreciate indoor comfort, especially in summer.

The dog days of summer will be here soon enough. If you care about your tenants, employees, and the profitability of your commercial real estate investment, schedule your AC pre-summer maintenance and inspection now. Don’t wait for a broken compressor or faulty thermostat to cost you big bucks in utility bills while angry tenants or flustered employees bug you about sweltering conditions inside your building. Head off potential problems and sail into summer with high performance air conditioning that works. 

What can you expect from an HVAC pre-summer tune-up? The professionals at Air-Tro are comprehensive in their inspection and maintenance protocols. Among our routine tasks: 

Air Filter Change

Clogged air filters have been demonstrated to cost you more in utility usage. They also directly correlate to poorer air quality within your building. Your AC technician will change these out as needed. They’ll inspect your ductwork for potential critter infestations, leaks and other factors than can lead to an increase in dust and debris within your building too. 

Drainage Line Inspection and Cleaning 

Commercial buildings can have real air quality problems that develop from unwanted condensation and leaks. It is essential for all drainage lines and elements of your HVAC system to be inspected and if necessary, cleaned and repaired. This will prevent the buildup of mold, mildew and other organic particles that can make people sick. Your exterior drain pan should also be clean and free of excessive moisture. 

Evaporator Coil and Condenser Coil Inspection and Maintenance

These bad boys are the heavyweights of your HVAC system. They are routinely exposed to all the debris, dirt, and more that comes from the outside air and normally gets filtered before it reaches you. An HVAC tech will inspect and wipe these clean, using specialized cleaners and pressurized air. This kind of maintenance will help you preserve and protect your indoor comfort all year round, not to mention your respiratory health. 

System Calibration and Setting Check 

Is your thermostat working correctly? Have you changed how you use the interior space, creating new demands on your HVAC? A professional heating and air conditioning tech will make sure your system delivers on the temperatures at which you set it. A well calibrated thermostat will avoid wasting extra energy (and money) heating or cooling rooms you don’t use, and at times you don’t need it. You’ll be in control of how and when your system works. 

Any real estate investment deserves protection. Don’t let your commercial HVAC system fall into disrepair or break down when you most need indoor comfort. Schedule your pre-summer maintenance visit with Air-Tro today. 


It’s time to get your indoor comfort system ready for summer! Call Air-Tro at (626)357-3535. We are the family-owned heating and air conditioning company Los Angeles County trusts for all their HVAC needs.