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EPA Has Taken a Dramatic Step to Curtail the Supply of R-22 Refrigerant

EPA Has Taken a Dramatic Step to Curtail the Supply of R-22 Refrigerant

Refrigerant 22On Friday, January 20, 2012, the EPA announced an immediate 45% reduction in both production and imports of R-22. On January 27, 2013 the EPA announced another immediate reduction of an additional 29% in both production and imports in the level already legislated by the Clean Air Act.

What does that mean for you and Air-Tro? The EPA had originally allocated 100m pounds for 2011 and planned to step down the allocates to 90m pounds in 2012 and to 80m pounds in 2013. The EPA changed course and in 2012, there were 55m pounds of R-22 produced and imported. In 2013, there will be 39m pounds produced and imported. Based on the laws of supply and demand, with demand being relatively constant and supply drastically reduced (from an original expected 80m pounds to an actual 39m pounds), significant price increases are taking place. At the current market rate of consumption, some are speculating that R-22 will not be available through this summer.

Although R-22 production will continue thru December 31, 2019, it is likely that this EPA action will have a dramatic effect on both the price and supply of R-22 moving forward.

This action will spark a renewed interest in R-22 retrofit solutions. Air-Tro is uniquely qualified to provide you the technical support needed to evaluate these new products and find the best possible solution.

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