How the Freon® Factor May Be Putting Your Commercial HVAC System…and Your Wallet at Risk with Costly Repairs

Business Owners and Property Managers: What You Need to Know

Do you own a business or manage a commercial property? You should know: current changes in federal environmental policy may affect your bottom line. In fact, the cost of recharging your HVAC unit may soon become prohibitive, if you own a unit more than 2 years old. Make no mistake—these are shifts that aren’t likely to change much whoever takes office. The laws have been passed, the policies already put in place.
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Say Goodbye to Freon® and R-12

Here’s the scoop. Recent advances to HVAC systems have been touted by many as a boon both to the environment and our lifestyles, with new systems that save energy and cost less to run. However, most businesses haven’t made the switch, relying instead on older commercial air conditioning units that use R-22, known by its trade name Freon®, and its relative R-12.

While these systems are still ubiquitous, these older refrigerants, also known as chlorofluorocarbons, are linked to dangerous atmospheric consequences. Already, their manufacture has been severely curtailed, and ultimately will be soon phased out completely. Already, the costs of these outdated refrigerants have risen exponentially. If your system has a leak or worse, breaks down, your Freon® usage may become an issue.

Avoid Expensive Repairs and Surprise Bills

Don’t get stuck with an ugly surprise when summer hits. Reduce the amount of refrigerant you’ll need with proper maintenance and repairs before they spiral into bigger fixes. Is it time to replace your system entirely with a newer, more energy efficient system? We can help you save money and plan ahead,

Not sure what refrigerant your HVAC system uses? Our certified, experienced technicians are available to answer all your questions. We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to make the best financial choices for you and your company. We’re here to save you money, with advice, repair services, and up to date products and installation on all the best heating and cooling systems available today.

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