Homeowner Special: Have You Done Your Energy Audit This Year?

Simple Tests Can Help You Identify Problems, Areas for Improvement

HVAC maintenance
An energy audit can help you decide which energy upgrades you should choose.

We get asked a lot of questions by our beloved customers, and from what we can tell, there’s a lot of confusion out there about what kinds of energy upgrades are best for homeowners looking to save money on their utility bills without spending a fortune on repairs. We understand. The Internet is littered with complicated terminology and conflicting information on what the everyday citizen needs to do to “go green” and streamline their home.

Energy Audit: a Couple of Hours Could Translate into Thousands of Dollars Saved

The good news? Forget the hype. Just call a licensed HVAC professional and tell them you want an energy audit. This inspection means a quick visit to your home, and a few simple tests to assess the safety and energy efficiency of your existing furnace and air conditioning equipment. A good energy audit can also ensure the indoor air quality in your home is healthy and comfortable for everyone who lives there!

Going Thermal

It starts with a thermal check. First, your HVAC technician will check for hot spots in your walls, ceilings and windows. With this information, they can identify where heat is leaking out or entering into your home.

Blower Door and Duct Blaster Assessments

A blower door is one of the more useful tools of our trade. Mounted into the frame of an exterior door, this powerful machine can determine airtightness, as well as assess duct work functionality, and measure airflow between area zones in your home.

A duct blaster fan connects to your duct system, and allows us to measure the pressure inside, checking for air leaks. The leakier the duct, the less efficient your furnace or air conditioner, and the more energy you’ll need to keep your home comfortable.

Gas Sniffers and Asbestos Check

indoor air quality
Even your pets will appreciate safe, healthy indoor air.

Finally, your HVAC technician should employ a gas sniffer to ensure there’s no leaking gas anywhere in your home. They’ll also do a mold and asbestos inspection. While the other tests may save you big money, it’s these final inspections that really bring peace of mind with the knowledge your family is safe and comfortable.

Once you get the results of your energy audit, you’ll know the way forward. Often, nothing is required, other than general awareness. Other times, your HVAC professional might suggest simple changes or minor repairs to troubleshoot larger problems that otherwise will occur down the road. In any case, you’ll be prepared to start the new year with a safe, healthy home for your family.

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