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Four Easy Ways to Cut Costs On Your Residential Heating Bills

The Family Will Hardly Notice, Except You’ll Be Smiling More

furnace maintenance
You don’t need new sweaters or wool blankets when your furnace is working properly.

When the weather gets cold, it’s natural to want to crank up the heat. After all, cold has been shown not only to be uncomfortable, but increase health problems like strokes and heart conditions. It’s always safer to be comfortable. However, a few simple fixes around the house can improve your energy efficiency and reduce heating costs without driving everyone in your family crazy!

Consider covering windows and patio doors with plastic film.

Did you know that using clear, nearly invisible plastic film on glass doors and windows has been show to reduce energy costs by up to 14%? And the good news? The sheer covering can easily be removed come springtime.

Block Your Chimney with a Chimney Balloon.

These ingenious devices are cheap, available on Amazon, and simply require your breath

energy efficiency
A hidden chimney balloon can block warm air from escaping your home.

to blow one up. As you may suspect, chimneys account for significant heat loss in the winter, even if the flue is closed. Easy to install, a chimney balloon used with a closed flue effectively blocks any warm air from escaping your home. Reusable, these do become sooty over time. The best news? They also just deflate if you forget to remove it before starting a fire, preventing smoke from filling your home.

Have Your HVAC Professional Look at Your Ductwork and Furnace

Leaky ductwork is a major source of heat leakage in many homes. Don’t lose 20-30% of your forced air heating with damaged or poorly maintained equipment. Holes and poorly connected ducts will cost you big money over the long term. Save yourself money, now and into the future, by having one of our Air-Tro technicians come out and take a look at your system.


You’d be amazed how a one time duct work fix or furnace tune up can make a big difference when it comes to saving you money. And the best news? Regular ductwork and furnace checkups also ensure your family isn’t exposed to carbon monoxide or other gas leaks. Stay safe!


Better Thermostats Mean More Efficiency

Thermostat technology has changed significantly since your home was first built. You wouldn’t dream of driving a car from the 1970s without modifications. Why use a similarly outdated thermostat? Modern products predict when you’ll need a higher temperature, and also when to turn the furnace down. In the summer time, an up to date thermostat can predict when you’ll need colder air, and when it can turn off the HVAC system entirely. After all, the heat or air conditioning doesn’t need to be on “high” when everyone is at work or school. Why pay for what you don’t use or need?


Simple fixes, regular maintenance, and modern equipment translate into safer homes and major savings for our residential customers all year round. Call Air-Tro to find out more at (626)357-3535!