A Future without Freon®: What Lies Ahead

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Big Changes, Long Run Savings

As commercial building owners and property managers consider their best options in coping with the industry-wide phase out of refrigerants like R-22, new, better options are available to lead the way forward. New air conditioning systems that run on alternative fuels like R-410A are revolutionizing the way we think about energy consumption.

While initially more expensive to install, the long run cost savings of lower energy bills can allow users to recoup at least half their investment within a decade. And as R-22 is to be completely banned from manufacture by 2020, the expense of a new unit will soon be very little compared the cost of the remaining recycled or stockpiled Freon® stores.

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Benefits of the New Systems

Units that run on R-410A are obviously incompatible with the earlier, Freon®-friendly models. Price for installation depends on several important factors, including its size and SEER score (seasonal energy efficiency ratio, a term that refers to its cooling power). The more energy efficient the unit, the more expensive its initial cost. However, an air conditioning system with a SEER score of 13, for example (the minimum standard for new models in 2017), will be far less efficient than a unit with a 23 score, the highest possible rating within the HVAC industry today. In addition, those homeowners and business owners who purchase a system with a higher SEER rating are also privy to special tax credits and incentives that can offset the cost of their initial investment. For reference, note that many current commercial and residential systems still running on Freon® have a SEER score of 6 or less.

Confused About Your HVAC Future Yet? You’re Not Alone

Many business owners are confused by these scores, and the implications of the R22 ban that will go into effect within less than 3 years. It’s understandable. With conflicting news stories and often attenuated information from government energy resources, the costs and benefits of these new regulations are sometimes difficult to ascertain.

Frequent HVAC User? You Need a Higher SEER Score

However, if you’re one of the millions who live and work within a climate that gets hot in the summer months, the value of a more energy efficient, R-410A system cannot be overestimated. In coming years, prices are expected to drop, as demand increases. Read about how you can protect yourself from higher rates, while planning ahead for the HVAC options that make the most sense for your business, here. 

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