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Sometimes HVAC Is Worse Than Dating. Don’t Fall For These Pick Up Lines!

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Our single friends tell us how grim it can be out there to look for a new romantic partner. Between sketchy computer dating profiles to awful pick up lines, it’s never easy to find a soulmate! But just as it’s important to keep the faith that you’ll find your one and only, be aware of the bad pickup lines that some less scrupulous HVAC companies use. It will go a long way to preventing broken hearts and costly mistakes down the road.

Bad Pickup Line #1 : “Oh, you need to make a decision immediately. This price won’t last forever.”

While HVAC is an exciting industry for many of us, suffice it to say it’s not exactly like the world of high finance or even the Home Shopping Network. Deals don’t go away overnight. If you’re told by an HVAC technician that you have to buy something today to take advantage of a low price on equipment or a sale on labor costs, etc….chances are, it’s a scam.

Buying a new HVAC system that is likely to last you a decade or more is not a decision to be rushed. A qualified HVAC consultant is not going to pressure you into that decision. Think about it! Get a second opinion, if necessary. While we know that Air-Tro is the very best HVAC company in the San Gabriel Valley, with award winning service and more than 40 years in the industry, we also know our reputable competitors pretty well, and they’re nice people too.

Don’t be in a hurry. Have questions? Need some more information? Take your time. A trustworthy HVAC consultant, like a good romantic partner, will never pressure you into a relationship.

Bad Pickup Line #2: “You need to get the very biggest system!”

Just like a loud pickup truck with giant wheels, a skull and crossbones flag flying in the back and a “Born to Lose” bumper sticker might raise some red flags, giant air conditioning units should too, especially if someone is trying to sell you one.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. In fact, depending on the size of your home or commercial building, it may be a waste of time. Larger air conditioners cost more money to install and operate. Sometimes they’re necessary, but often they’re not. Many times a smaller unit might be exactly right for a building or residence your size, keeping you perfectly comfortable year round while costing you relatively little in utility bills.

In other words, the guy who shows up to take you out to dinner in the Subaru, just like a real HVAC consultant who recommends a smaller, less expensive unit, might be onto something! Check out the specs and potential costs before you buy.

Bad Pickup Line #3: “Yeah, I work at XYZ company and I’m calling you to offer a free inspection.”

Chances are, the HVAC company you want to work with is pretty busy year round. That’s a good sign. For that reason, they’re probably not trolling the phone directory, calling up random people to offer up free inspections or services. When a stranger calls you representing themselves as an employee of a reputable HVAC company, be suspicious.

Many times a handyman or unscrupulous free agent will call you to offer their services, building trust by pretending to work for someone they don’t. Here’s a suggestion: call the office they claim to work for. Investigate their background before bringing them into your home.

Here at Air-Tro, we go to great lengths to hire honest, hard working HVAC professionals who are subjected to rigorous background checks and routine drug tests every step of the way. We invest quite a bit in their training and career development. For those reasons, our employees tend to work for us for decades, not months. They become like family. We know we can trust them. Just like a dishonest dating profile, don’t take a chance on an HVAC consultant who lies to you from the get go.

So don’t lose hope. The right guy or gal is waiting just for you, and Air-Tro is just a phone call away! Get in touch today at (626)357-3535.