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HVAC SYSTEM CLEANING: Keep Your Commercial System Running Longer and Cost Less  

Your Tenants and Employees Are Counting On You for Clean HVAC 

Commercial HVAC system, Service and Maintenance

When it comes to a commercial building, HVAC cleanliness is not only important for safety reasons, but also critically important to your bottom line. But what should you focus on when it comes to cleaning? 

You might be surprised to learn that most HVAC system ductwork is not where dust and debris accumulates. While many companies advertise HVAC duct cleaning and spend a great deal of marketing money perpetuating the idea that this is a mission critical part of heating and air conditioning upkeep, the fact is that unless you’ve had a major fire, remodel or critter infestation, your commercial ductwork is probably okay. 

Instead, focus on the following tasks to keep your system well maintained: 

Change Your Air Filters

This alone makes a huge difference. Remember, air filters trap all sorts of irritants and debris that are ubiquitous in our Southern California air. And while the Environmental Protection Agency recommends you change these filters once every 3 months, you may well decide to do so monthly. Luckily, air filters are relatively inexpensive and swapping out an old one for a new one is not a difficult task. In doing so, however, you’ll improve system airflow, as well as improve air quality throughout your building. 

Clean Your Cabinet, Coil and More

If you have an existing contract with a professional HVAC company to maintain your system, this is already a cornerstone of their regular service. If you don’t have one, it may be time to get one. Most are quite economical.  And as all of us must maintain our vehicles to keep them running smoothly, your heating and air conditioning system is no different. Cleaning the coil and cabinet is a part of that routine. Drain pans should also be inspected, along with the condensate line and flushed if necessary. Remember, an HVAC system is made up of a lot of complicated equipment. Keeping all of it clean, lubricated and checked for any component failure or breakdown is part of the deal. The reward? You’ll get more out of your existing system for a lot longer than you would otherwise. 

Check Control Box Wiring, Tighten Connections If Necessary 

Another aspect of regular HVAC service is the safety factor. Leaks can lead to mold and bacterial contamination of an entire commercial building, often quickly and without warning. Shorts and electrical problems can also turn into major issues with unpleasant consequences. Don’t let upkeep fall by the wayside. Inspect for leaks, check electrical connections, inspect the flue system and all safety controls. 

And don’t forget: clean HVAC and great indoor air quality will help you retain current tenants and employees, as well as attract new ones too. In a current social climate where so many of us are focused on community health, taking the extra time to ensure your heating and air conditioning are well maintained is a task that will pay off tenfold when it comes to your wallet and your peace of mind. 



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