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Is Your AC Ready for the Heat?

Get Your Air Conditioner on Summertime Standby!

maintenance for AC

Get Your Air Conditioner Summertime Ready!

You may not think that maintenance for your ac is a high priority for commercial building owners. All of that changes, however, when the weather in California gets cooler, with warmer temps here in the Southland.

And as temperatures rise it’s important to have your ac unit ready for maximum reliability in the spring and summer. Your tenants, employees, and visitors will appreciate the indoor comfort, too.

Maintenance For AC In Warmer Temperatures

What’s involved in preparing for warmer temperatures? For property owners, it starts with a call to a licensed, certified HVAC technician. Once called, they can make necessary repairs, perform inspections, and service equipment for the warmer months ahead.

The Process Of Good Maintenance For AC

As the weather changes Air-Tro will be there to prepare the air conditioner for a wonderful spring and summer.

First, the tech will cut power to the AC unit being worked on during the visit. Then, the power to the condenser will be turned off. This can be done with a lever, circuit breaker, or several fuses. Next, your tech will check the air filters, this allows for maximum energy efficiency and cleaner indoor air. As a reminder, good maintenance for ac includes changing filters at least every 3-6 months or more often if desired.

Keeping Things Cool

When that is finished, the Air-Tro HVAC technician will also inspect the condenser, the coolant lines, and the condenser. Sometimes, the condenser coils will also need to be cleaned. The next step after that is checking the blower and condensate drain, to make sure there are no system issues.

Once the cleaning is finished the technician will lubricate and service any relevant components that need work. The equipment setting will be adjusted and then the tech will check for refrigerant and ductwork leaks and test the thermostat.

AC Maintenance Prevents Future Issues

Although these maintenance tasks are not that complicated, they help prevent future breakdowns and keep things running smoothly. Routine HVAC service is similar to good auto care. It preserves and protects the motor and vital parts and keeps everything running.

For building owners whose employees, tenants, and customers demand indoor comfort, it’s critical to keep the HVAC in top condition. Schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment today. Call the professionals at Air-Tro at (626) 357-3535. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969!