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What to Look For In An HVAC Contractor

Know the Basics for Choosing a Reputable HVAC Contractor

An HVAC contractor providing service and maintenance

In Southern California, there are lots of choices when it comes to choosing an HVAC contractor for your commercial building. Indeed, anyone with a truck can call themselves an HVAC specialist, and offer almost any service, at rock bottom prices.

Because of this, many customers are asking themselves, is there an advantage to going with a more reputable professional? How bad could these lower-end companies really be? And are they dependable?

For business owners, entrusting your HVAC system to an inferior HVAC contractor can result in disaster. At Air-Pro we’ve seen clients endure overpriced utility bills and poor air quality along with cascading series of equipment problems. This often results in them having to replace their HVAC unit years sooner than they would have liked.

Hiring an unlicensed heating and air conditioning provider could also lead to higher bills, safety concerns, and significant business expenses. When looking for a new system, hire a licensed, certified HVAC contractor who can offer that uncertified workers don’t: training, and experience.

In today’s competitive world it is not easy to become an HVAC technician or run an HVAC contracting business. Being an HVAC contractor requires a significant amount of education, learning the ins and outs of heating and air conditioning. It also requires knowing the environmental practices, laws, and safety protocols that continue to define our industry.

As science continues to find new ways to heat and cool the world, an HVAC contractor must change with the times. Besides learning new skills, they face extensive licensure requirements, and deep product knowledge, and are required to get new professional certifications.

The days of installing a one-size-fits-all system are gone. Now, many refrigerants that fuel those systems are banned, or available for a premium price. Today, HVAC contractors must think ahead and look out for their clients with commercial properties. For example, what equipment works best for the plans involved? What systems available now will still add value in a decade?  Or, what’s the best way for the client to keep their utility bills low now and into the future?

If you have questions about choosing an HVAC contractor, read our free information here about choosing the best HVAC company for your business. Don’t cut corners that you’ll have to pay to repair or replace later. Air-Tro is an HVAC contractor you can count on.

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