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Quality Air Conditioning Installation: How to Get It and Why It Matters

Save Big Bucks Now and Into the Future with a Job Done Right

Air Conditoning Installation, Commercial HVAC, Service and Maintenance

HVAC companies or people who install heating and air conditioning systems are as easily found as sunscreen here in Southern California. And why not? With hot weather and spiraling demand for indoor comfort in both commercial and residential spaces, HVAC is everyone’s priority.

For that reason alone, it pays to spend time doing your research before hiring a contractor to install your new heating and air conditioning system. Unfortunately, not all companies or service professionals have the same standards of integrity or competence. The wrong HVAC system or even the right one, installed incorrectly, can leave you with potentially decades of inefficient energy usage, high utility bills and endless service calls.

For example, take the size question when it comes to your air conditioning. Many contractors will tell you that bigger is necessarily better.  It sure seems that way, right? Who wouldn’t want to have a unit that can cool even more square footage than you will need for your space? And yet, installing an oversized unit for your needs spells disaster. While it will cool your space faster, the unit will also turn on and off frequently, stressing the equipment and resulting in breakdowns far sooner than necessary. An oversized unit will also be unable to remove humidity efficiently, resulting in at best unpleasant smells, and at worst a serious mold or mildew problem inside your building. Finally, because the system is constantly cycling on or off, your energy bills will be far higher than they need to be throughout the year.

But one of our commercial customers just reported that their general contractor for a building remodel suggested exactly that. While they certainly could have installed the system more or less correctly, this simple choice would have resulted in thousands of dollars in excess operational costs down the line.

Moral of the story: get an HVAC contractor who specializes in commercial heating and air conditioning, with the certifications and licenses to prove it.  It should come as no surprise to any Californian that energy and how we use it are huge issues for our state. Licensed and certified HVAC contractors are required to have consistent, extensive training and re-training in these areas, to ensure they are installing and servicing HVAC systems using the latest “best practices” to conserve energy while maintaining indoor comfort for their commercial customers.

And while you’re at it? Check out feedback on the company you are thinking about hiring. Read testimonials. At Air-Tro, we have hundreds of positive reviews from commercial customers, and indeed, consistent recognition from readers of media outlets like the San Gabriel Valley News, the Monrovia Weekly and the Los Angeles Times. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969, and it shows! Call us today to find out how we can help you create optimal indoor comfort for your commercial building.  Our experts will show you how to save money with lower utility bills, while promoting efficient energy usage at the same time.


Finding a qualified HVAC company for your air conditioning service and installation is mission-critical for any commercial building owner. Call the commercial heating and air conditioning specialists at Air-Tro today. (6260357-3535.