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It’s Not Too Late to Consider HVAC Maintenance

Protect Your Commercial Property Investment with the Right Upkeep 

Air-Tro has the HVAC maintenance, as well as the service and maintenance solutions that you need.

We’ll get right down to it: regular HVAC maintenance will protect your commercial heating and air conditioning equipment from later unnecessary repairs and even system failure. Like a car, the longer you go without taking care of it, the riskier its operation becomes, until just keeping it going on a day-to-day basis becomes cost prohibitive and replacement is your only option. Furthermore –and here’s what folks often don’t realize–regular HVAC inspection and maintenance will keep your system running at peak performance, saving you money in operation costs too. 

So, what’s involved with one of these routine commercial HVAC maintenance contracts, you ask? Well, the great news is that it’s quick, easy, and efficient. A trained and highly qualified HVAC tech will make regular visits to your commercial building to do a thorough inspection, repair anything that isn’t working correctly and complete all necessary maintenance tasks (see below). With today’s heating and air conditioning systems offering increasingly complex features, a technician will recognize potential trouble spots long before these issues make themselves known to a building’s occupants with loud noises, impaired functioning or a silent but steady uptick in utility bills from diminished energy efficiency. 

Some of the tasks your HVAC tech will complete: 

Thermostat inspection and testing

Is your thermostat working as it should? Calibrated incorrectly, you could be paying far more for energy than you need to be, with a system heating or cooling in response to the wrong information coming from a faulty thermostat measurement. Your technician will inspect, assess and repair if needed.

Component inspection and lubrication 

HVAC systems have a surprising number of small parts attached, each with an important job. It’s essential to inspect, clean and lubricate this equipment regularly, especially when the weather has been especially hot and smoky, or pollution levels have been high. Again, your Air-Tro tech can check and maintain these components as needed, sparing you problems that could turn into expensive repair costs later on. 

Air filter inspection and changes 

We discuss the need for good air filtration a lot in this space, but it’s easy to forget (or ignore) when it’s time for new air filters. Your HVAC tech will inspect and swap out this inexpensive but essential part of your system on a regular basis, ensuring you have the best air quality possible (and greater energy efficiency) for your commercial building. 

Leak inspection and repair if needed 

With refrigerant so expensive these days, who wants to waste money replacing it? Your HVAC professional will check for leaks and potential ones with every visit, stopping them before they start. This represents huge savings in the long run, as a refrigerant leak can very quickly turn into a costly hassle, along with incurring damage to surrounding heating and air conditioning equipment. 

Air-Tro heating and air conditioning professionals are educated all year long in the latest best practices for system maintenance and operation. In a regular HVAC maintenance contract, we can pass along these tips and implement whatever upgrades are necessary to keep everything running smoothly and cost effectively. Take advantage of our expertise and sign up for regular maintenance today!


Air-Tro is the heating and air conditioning company the Southland trusts for all its commercial and residential HVAC needs. Call to schedule your system maintenance today! (626)357-3535.