Is Your Office Freezing? Here’s the Safe and Sane Guide to Commercial Indoor Comfort

Office Temperatures Don’t Have to Be Either Arctic or Equator-Like

For over 50 years, the Air-Tro experts have been helping clients achieve indoor comfort.
Is it comfortable inside your commercial building, or freezing cold?

It’s an all-too-common complaint: the overactive commercial HVAC system freezing out employees even on the hottest days of the year. And everyone’s unhappy about their indoor comfort.

So, what to do if your office feels like Siberia, even on a sweltering afternoon? Here’s a cheat sheet to get started on solving the problem and to give your employees – and clients – better indoor comfort: 

Check your thermostat. 

Take a look at your thermostat. Is it malfunctioning? Set too low? Off completely? The good news about a broken thermostat is that replacing it with a new one is usually not an expensive undertaking. Your new one will also come with many additional features that your older model probably doesn’t have. Investing in a smart thermostat allows you not only to monitor temperature remotely but also to control the settings from your phone. If you’re concerned about your office manager turning down the temps to accommodate his indoor comfort needs while freezing everyone else out, your problem is solved. Control the indoor environment within your commercial space easily and definitively with an easy-to-use newer model. 

Call for professional HVAC inspection and maintenance. 

If your air conditioning seems to be working overtime and the thermostat doesn’t appear to be broken, it’s time to call in a professional to help ensure you have better indoor comfort. An HVAC tech can inspect all areas of your heating and air conditioning system to assess for leaks, an evaporator coil that’s frozen solid, dirty air filters, fan problems, or a malfunctioning condenser. All of these issues can create temperature problems inside your building. By fixing them now, you’ll get a handle on HVAC performance and avoid costly breakdowns later. 

Consider Your Building Layout and Overall HVAC Choices

If you have a large building and staff arguing with one another about what temperature it should be within individual offices, it may be time to upgrade your system. Establishing cooling zones throughout your building or using ductless mini splits can provide your employees with a sense of control over their own indoor comfort environments while avoiding the energy waste that comes from air conditioning extra rooms unnecessarily. A one-size-fits-all HVAC system can often result in wasted energy and unhappy employees. Get in touch with your Air-Tro consultant today to discuss what options make the most sense for your needs when it comes to the latest in HVAC technology and products. 

Remember, a too-cold office wreaks just as much havoc with productivity as one that’s too hot. Research has demonstrated that workers who are uncomfortable within their working environment are less productive, more likely to complain, and call in sick more frequently. Furthermore, overly chilled offices are often linked to higher humidity levels, which in turn foster the growth of harmful bacteria and other organic materials that make people sick. Don’t take a chance with an over-active HVAC system or air that’s too cold inside your commercial building. Call for an inspection now! 


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