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4 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

Retain Indoor Comfort by Recognizing When Your AC Needs Help

At Air-Tro, we are experts in air conditioning maintenance.
Is your HVAC making strange noises? Call a professional!

Here in Southern California, we use air conditioning all year round. Don’t wait for your HVAC to break down when you need it most. Pay attention to these subtle signs your equipment is trying to tell you when it needs air conditioning maintenance and repair. As a result, you’ll be rewarded with consistent operation 24/7, lower utility bills, and an air conditioning system that outlasts the competition. 

Humidity Inside Your Home 

Are you noticing the inside of your home seems unusually sticky or humid, whatever the weather outside? High humidity indoors could be linked to an air conditioning maintenance issue, and in turn, result in poor-quality air and the growth of undesirable organic matter inside your HVAC system and its ductwork. Don’t wait for this problem to get worse. 

Poor Airflow 

Does the air inside your home seem to be rather stale, no matter what your HVAC setting is? Consider first changing the air filter. A blockage or excess dust and debris clogging it could be the problem. Luckily, air filters are readily available online and at a relatively low cost. Alternatively, you could have a problem in one of your ducts, preventing fresh air from getting through. A critter infestation, a malfunctioning motor, dusty ducts, or a problem with other equipment could be your issue. 

System Cycling Seems Too Frequent

Sure, on a hot day, you’re likely to have your HVAC turning on and off more frequently. But if it’s cycling continuously, whatever the temperature, you may have a systemic problem that requires air conditioning maintenance, repair, or even replacement. Get it inspected before it’s too late. 

Funny Noises When Cooling 

While you can expect some noise when your air conditioning is working, a rattle, clunk, or even buzzing isn’t normal. It may be a broken component, something in danger of breaking, or a sign that an element of your system is not functioning as it should. Remember, an HVAC system is comprised of many parts. When one thing stops working, it can lead to a cascading series of problems that, left unaddressed, could result in a total equipment breakdown. Don’t ignore sounds that don’t seem typical. 

Odd Smells

Obviously, a burning smell or the presence of smoke requires immediate attention. But if your air conditioner is emitting other strange odors, it’s time for a thorough inspection and possible cleaning, air conditioning maintenance, and/or repair. Your HVAC should not be noticeable for anything but its efficiency. Having a scent is not a good sign. 

Your HVAC investment may seem like a no-brainer and one that doesn’t require much thought beyond turning it on or off. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t wait for a small issue to turn into a more costly one. Protect and maintain your air conditioning, and it will perform more efficiently, run more cheaply, and last longer. And with the variations in Southland weather, your indoor comfort should always remain a top priority. 


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