Get Good Grades for Seasonal Energy Use with these Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

These easy suggestions will get you good grades in commercial HVAC energy efficiency. And save you big money on utility bills, too.

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The leaves are changing, school is back in session, and it’s time to attend to seasonal maintenance for your commercial HVAC system to keep it performing throughout the cooler months.  Doing so will save you money and keep your system working well for years to come. Here are some easy ways to get control of those energy bills and enhance system performance over time:

Take care of those filters.

Whether they need changing or just cleaning, the fact is that dirty filters block airflow and make your system work harder to achieve the right level of indoor comfort. Plus, who wants to breathe all that dirty air? New air filters are incredibly inexpensive, and your commercial HVAC service professional can help you select precisely the model to get the results you want. Check them now before you turn on your furnace.

Check your thermostats.

It’s true: older thermostat models may facilitate more energy waste than newer, programmable thermostats. After all, unless you’re in your building 24 hours a day doing the same tasks, you don’t need the same amount of indoor comfort 24/7. Why pay for heat or AC when your employees aren’t there to enjoy it? Think about replacing your thermostat with one of the newer types. Today, you can even access thermostats from your cellphone or laptop, anywhere and at any time. Commercial HVAC energy efficiency is easy when you have the information and the technology right at your fingertips!

Say hello to your supply registers.

When it comes time to start using your furnace, remember that hot air rises and cold air stays below. That means it will be easier for your commercial HVAC system to keep upper floors warm and harder to keep lower floors from getting cold. For that reason, make sure you open all the registers on the lower floors and shut off some of the ones on the upper levels of your commercial building. This way, you’ll maximize energy performance throughout your indoor environment.

Have you cleaned your furnace?

When was the last time a professional HVAC service person had a look at your furnace? Make sure you’ve had the system both inspected and cleaned before you start using it this fall. Safety is paramount, but a professional cleaning will also boost its performance throughout the winter. Translation? Your commercial HVAC equipment won’t have to work as hard, prolonging its useful life and keeping your energy bills reasonable.

Let’s talk commercial HVAC systems.

Finally, how old is your commercial HVAC system? Remember, newer products are also more energy-efficient. If your equipment is more than ten years old, it’s probably only about 60% as efficient as newer models. Recent tax breaks have made the cost of total HVAC replacement far more realistic and even cost-effective for many businesses. Check out your options with your professional HVAC consultant today.

Remember, according to the Department of Energy, more than 30% of energy costs for commercial buildings go towards heating. That’s a lot. When you combine that with the typical energy waste from common HVAC mistakes, your utility bills can add up. Do your homework, and we promise you’ll get straight A’s when it comes to energy efficiency and low utility costs.

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