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3 Reasons to Consider a Heat Pump for Your Home  

New Attention for this Mainstay of HVAC Systems 

reasons to consider a heat pump

In today’s energy conscious world, what’s old is new again when it comes to heating and cooling equipment. Consider the heat pump, for example. First invented in 1856 by Austrian Peter Von Rittinger experimenting with heat drawn from water vapor, it was used to dry salt in the marshes of Austria. A century later, John Sumner developed a closed loop ground source heat pump for his house in Norwich, England. Today, heat pump technology commonly offers two major types of equipment for use in your home: the ground source or geothermal models, or the air-source heat pump. Used in appropriate conditions for their operation, either can be an energy-efficient alternative for your indoor comfort needs. 

First, it’s important to understand what a heat pump does. Heat pumps work by moving heat from one area to another and back again as needed. An air-source pump moves heat in the air between the inside and outside of your home, for example, while a ground-source pump by definition moves it between the inside of your home and the ground outside. All heat pumps work best in relatively mild weather conditions, making them impractical for use in say, Alaska or near the Equator. Monrovia, in contrast, might be the perfect place for one. 

There are multiple benefits when it comes to a heat pump, but here are three major ones to think about when considering a heat pump for your home. 

It’s Energy Efficient. 

A heat pump uses a lot less energy to keep your home comfortable when compared to more typical HVAC systems. As utility costs continue to rise across California and the United States, this may translate in some situations to less expense overall to heat and cool your home, depending on how much electricity costs in your area. Moreover, no fossil fuels are used when operating a heat pump, making it appealing to environmentalists, and its design means the equipment itself can last in your home up to 50 years! That’s a big contrast to typical HVAC parts which have less than half that lifespan. 

It’s Easy to Maintain 

As you might imagine, a heat pump is not complicated to maintain. With a once-a-year overall inspection and maintenance check, it’s a system that can run year after year without a problem. This also makes it appealing to many homeowners. 

It Results in Fewer Atmospheric Emissions

Finally, a heat pump also does not release any refrigerant or gas into the air. Studies demonstrate that a heat pump can save the average homeowner up to $400 a year by eliminating these costs, while also refraining from emitting any harmful environmental pollution during system operation. 

Remember, there are also potential drawbacks: air source heat pumps require electricity to operate, and if those costs are high in your neighborhood, you may want to stick with a more traditional system. Heat pumps also may result in significant installation expenses, depending on your residence.

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