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The Electric Motor for HVAC Goes Hi-Tech

Get the Download on How Variable Speed Motors Can Lower Your Energy Bills

tesla Variable speed motors

Anybody who knows anything about a conventional electric motor can tell you how it works. After all, its design was first settled upon in the late 19thcentury by folks like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Used in everything from air conditioners to industrial tools and printing presses, you can also find one of these in many household appliances and even children’s toys. Indeed, it’s been a reliable and steady workhorse for American industry and popular products since it was first introduced.

Today’s world has changed, however. Energy consumption is now an important consideration for any appliance or product, whether designed for commercial use or within the home. Companies and industries that pride themselves on cutting edge technology and saving energy are instead beginning to incorporate variable frequency drive motors into systems that used to rely upon conventional ones.  The Tesla Company is one example. The HVAC industry is another. Why?

Variable Frequency Drives: a New HVAC Energy Saver

VFDs save energy. In fact, as national facilities management consultant James Piper, P.E. describes them, they are “one of the most successful energy management tools every applied to building HVAC systems.” Incorporated into powering HVAC equipment, a variable speed motor can provide huge energy savings. One study found that VFD controlled fans reduced energy consumption by up to 70%. That represents significant savings for any company using any kind of climate control, whether for indoor comfort in a commercial building, or to meet production heating and cooling demands.

But that’s not all. A VFD drive motor can operate at a variety of speeds; it doesn’t need additional, expensive mechanical drive components or require their constant upkeep and repair. Wear and tear is reduced on existing equipment. VFD drives can make HVAC systems far easier to maintain, as well as cheaper to operate.

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VFDs Mean Enhanced Indoor Comfort, Too

For someone concerned only with indoor comfort in a commercial or even residential building, VFD installation improves system performance. Unlike HVAC that either turns on or turns off, HVAC powered by a variable speed motor runs at any speed required, offering more possibilities for adjustment, and temperature variability. Soft-start capability is both useful and you guessed it, easier on the system, too.

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