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Take Advantage of the HVAC Tax Deduction [VIDEO]

Did you know? Business owners can expense qualified HVAC products at time of purchase and installation

As a result of recent changes in federal law, US tax code 179 allows commercial property owners to expense all qualified HVAC products at their time of purchase and installation. But few small business owners are yet aware of the impact these shifting regulations will have on their bottom line:

  • What used to take years to deduct fully as a business expense can now be written off entirely in the first year
  • In addition to the tax savings, this legislation also creates a new set of environmental standards to lower carbon emissions and regulate HVAC usage.

These new regulations are expected to save a building owner more than $5,000 over the expected life of your rooftop unit.

hvac tax rebateGiven that heating and cooling account for 51% of commercial building energy use, there’s never been a better time to get a handle on utility costs with new, ultra-efficient HVAC equipment upgrades. Installed and serviced properly by a licensed professional, these HVAC improvements will boost indoor comfort while ensuring less energy waste all year round.

The Department of Energy has determined that users can save up to 35% in outright energy costs just by swapping out used or worn out parts and replacing them with newer, more efficient HVAC components.

You can rely on Air-Tro to provide you with the facts on these new tax benefits and possible upgrade or retrofit options. Learn more about commercial HVAC tax incentives and contact us at 626.357.3535.