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Banish the Flu Bug with UV Light: Keep “Sick Building Syndrome” at Bay in Your Office


This time of year workplace absenteeism climbs as cold and flu viruses make the rounds.

What can you do to protect your employees? How about safely sterilizing the air they breathe at work?

Haven’t we all had our hearts sink when we’ve heard a coworker sneeze in the office, or complain about “just a little sore throat?” In today’s competitive business environment, many of us can’t afford the time, energy and money it costs to get sick.  Coupled with the proliferation of dangerous flu strains, strep and other common illnesses, it’s enough to make you feel like wearing a surgical mask to work, if not a shiny space suit!

Sick office workers - Sick building Syndrome
Fight flu and keep your workforce healthy with UV light technology.

Save your aluminum foil and other hospital gear for the next Bird Box film. When it comes to keeping you, your coworkers and your commercial building safe from viruses, bacteria and other nefarious germs, consider installing UV light protection alongside your HVAC system instead.

Ultraviolet Devices Kill Mold and Dangerous Microorganisms

The fact is that ultraviolet light has been in use within hospital settings for years. Indeed, it has been shown to eliminate more than 90% of all microorganisms in any commercial air conditioning system. However, new developments in HVAC technology have made these devices practical and affordable for everyday commercial or even residential use.

Ultra violet lightUV light removes pollen, mold and other germs from the air circulating within your building, quickly and easily. Hay fever sufferers and those sensitive to allergens will find themselves less congested within a building where a UV sanitizer is in place. Furthermore, UV light improves airflow through your HVAC system, promoting more efficient energy usage and even lower energy bills!

Don’t risk compromising your health, that of your employees, or even the safety of your commercial building. Have questions? Unsure what kind of UV light might work for you? Take a moment to understand your UV options. Check out our white paper at the link here.

Get the scoop on how to keep your commercial building safe from allergens, bacteria and mold. Call Air-Tro today for your HVAC checkup! (626) 357-3535.