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The Secret to Residential Heating and Cooling That Never Breaks Down

It’s in the Maintenance, Silly

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Everything’s cozy until the HVAC breaks down. Don’t go too long without maintenance!

You might have had to learn the hard way, but sooner or later most adults figure out never to let the car go too long without a lube, oil and filter. Ditto with paying health insurance premiums and making sure your homeowners insurance doesn’t lapse. It’s not always fun, but taking care of these routine tasks every year prevents disaster later.

We like to think keeping your home heating and air conditioning system running well year after year is pretty much the same thing. Okay, maybe not in the category of a trip to the dentist, but still, scheduling a yearly maintenance call with your friendly HVAC specialist is a great way to preserve your system, ensure your utility bills are as low as they can be, and avoid expensive breakdowns later. And you don’t even have to floss!

Your heating and air conditioning system works hard throughout the year to maintain your indoor comfort. Along the way, it’s bound to pick up some unwanted dust or worse. Your HVAC specialist will make sure to clean the condenser coils, removing months of accumulated debris that otherwise will clog your system and reduce its lifespan. And surprise! You may find your energy bills are lower as a result, because a clean condenser doesn’t have to work as hard to keep a consistent temperature.

But that’s not all. A yearly HVAC tune up will also mean your technician checks coolant levels and lubricates all necessary moving parts to keep them at peak performance. Again, excess friction can mean your HVAC system wears out faster, while costing you more in unnecessary energy bills. Maintaining appropriate coolant and lubrication levels throughout your HVAC equipment translates into heating and air conditioning that works the way it’s supposed to, season after season, year after year.

The technician will also test electrical connections to keep them safe, as well as examine your thermostat. Properly calibrating this small but important piece of equipment is mission critical to keeping your system functioning at its best. Your service should include a ductwork inspection and a full assessment of the capacitors, contactors, fan blade, blower motor and blower belt too. Filters must be changed, and condensate drains flushed and treated.

Remember, done right, these inspections aren’t fishing expeditions for opportunities to charge you extra money. Properly maintained HVAC equipment, inspected on an appropriate schedule, should be relatively hassle-free. Avoid unscrupulous contractors and unlicensed handymen looking for problems to fix with vague diagnoses and extravagant, costly solutions.

Better yet, call Air-Tro today to schedule an inspection with a licensed HVAC specialist. We’ve been keeping Californians comfortable for fifty years! And with a little planning and regular care, your HVAC system should last well into our next half century, too.


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