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Why Is Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance So Important, Anyway?

We Love Seeing You, But Your Commercial Air Conditioning System Loves Us Even More!

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It’s time to service and maintain your commercial HVAC system.

We know we talk a lot about commercial HVAC maintenance in this space, but occasionally we get a customer who asks, “What the heck do you guys do with this stuff, anyway? Is it really that important?” Given how mission critical it is to service commercial systems regularly, we don’t blame anybody who wants a little more info on what exactly is involved.

The reality is that regular maintenance for your commercial HVAC system pays off. First, you’ll know your air conditioning is working exactly as it was designed to, giving you peak performance while saving you the maximum on energy bills overall. Second, your system will last longer by taking care of it properly. The costs of new commercial HVAC, while now completely deductible under recent tax changes, are still something to plan for when it comes to your bottom line. Who wants to be surprised with a complete system breakdown or equipment failure? Regular visits from a qualified HVAC technician will let you stay ahead of any problems or system issues, and in control of your budget.

So what exactly happens during a commercial maintenance visit? If you’re working with Air-Tro, we can tell you what won’t happen: you won’t get a clueless service person showing up at your offices taking up a whole lot of time with chit chat or confusion. Our technicians are friendly, courteous and most of all, professional. They know you’re busy, and won’t waste your time or that of your employees.

What they will do?

  • Inspect and test system performance and functionality.
  • Inspect and maintain cleanliness for both outdoor and indoor equipment, including coils.
  • Inspect, clean and lubricate anything necessary within the mechanical elements of your system.
  • Inspect and maintain refrigerant levels as prescribed by system specs.
  • Inspect and enhance any electrical component connections as necessary.
  • Inspect and swap out air filters for new ones as necessary.
  • Inspect and verify safety compliance for all elements of your system.
  • Inspect, assess and replace any faulty, broken, or damaged equipment.
  • Determine and calibrate ideal temperatures for all areas.

Notice how we emphasize the word “inspection?” Just as it is when you own any kind of vehicle, it’s important to be proactive when it comes to commercial air conditioning. Rather than wait for something to go wrong before doing anything, regular visits from an HVAC service professional can make a real difference in terms of saving you money. Don’t wait for parts to break or for hot air to pour into your cooling area to give us a call. At that point, repairs are usually pretty serious, and expensive. Instead, get a handle now on any problems looming on the horizon, and let us take a look. An inexpensive new part or a tighter electrical connection might make the difference between a cheap fix now and a big disaster later.

Besides, who doesn’t like seeing our attractive vans and friendly employees? We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969.  Let us save you money, too!

Our experienced, qualified HVAC team provides the service commercial building owners trust in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.