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What’s in a Name? When It Comes to HVAC, Pretty Much Everything

Only Air-Tro Has More than 49 Years of Award Winning Heating and Air Conditioning Expertise

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We hear the ads, we see the commercials. As California gets hot, everyone in the world seems to be opening up a new HVAC company, or including heating and air conditioning maintenance and installation in their roster of services. Why should anyone care? Surely they all are pretty much the same, whether for commercial or residential clients. And yet, they’re not. In fact, in some cases, there are some folks out there who keep us legitimate HVAC companies in business, by wrecking, breaking or otherwise screwing up the heating and air conditioning systems of our future customers. People call us afterward, to clean things up.

The truth is, when it comes to heating and air conditioning, the rules are always changing. Keeping up with the state and federal guidelines for best practices in the world of HVAC is not an easy task. Many fly-by-night companies or “freelance” air conditioning tradespeople prefer to save money and avoid the rules entirely by running their business outside the laws and regulations that govern our industry.  These are the people who charge rock bottom prices to install and service your air conditioner or furnace. Sounds great, right?

Except for when your system breaks down, starts a fire, or otherwise malfunctions, costing you thousands in repairs or a replacement that didn’t have to happen. The fact is that most of the regulations surrounding HVAC are very good ones. They protect the homeowner, the business owner, and the community at large from toxic fumes, energy wastage, and environmental hazards. When you hire Air-Tro, a licensed and certified heating and air conditioning contractor, you’re getting more than 49 years of HVAC expertise and familiarity with the technologies, vendors, and equipment that make the most sense for commercial and residential property owners.

At Air-Tro, we’ve developed long-standing relationships with community members throughout the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. We didn’t do that by trying to talk folks into buying fancy equipment. We have found success by conveying our honest advice and recommendations on the best ways you can maintain indoor comfort, and save money throughout the year on energy bills. In a competitive marketplace, we’re still here because we really care about what we do.

We like to call Air-Tro a family-owned company, and that’s true. From the time Alois Eck, my great grandfather who ran a roofing company back in Chicago during the early 1900s, started his successful contracting business, customer service has been our priority. Certainly the lessons he passed along were taken to heart by John Helbing, my father, when he created Air-Tro in 1969. Today, to see my brother Tony, I just walk a short distance down the hall at our headquarters.

But our familial associations go beyond just the genetic here at the company. Our staff members, many of whom have been here almost as long as we’ve been in business, are also family. There’s a reason our holiday parties are famous here in Monrovia for their fun and frivolity. It’s because we’re a team who cares about one another.

Our customers are also part of this group. Some of you have been on our books since 1969. We’ve watched your companies grow and prosper. We’ve seen your kids move from toddlers to college graduates in the time we’ve been coming by to fix the furnace in your home or service the rooftop equipment at your company’s warehouse.

The truth is that we love what we do, and we’ll always make every effort to do right by our customers.

Count on it. And on us.

Only Air-Tro has been keeping California comfortable since 1969. Call us today for expert HVAC service. (626) 357-3535.