Now Is the Best Time for Heating Maintenance

Have You Scheduled Your Annual Furnace Service?

Heating Maintenance, Furnace Maintenance

The fall-to-winter season is in full swing around the San Gabriel Valley. If you’re like us, you have a long list of things to accomplish by the end of the year, not including a busy holiday schedule with family and friends. But as a commercial property owner, you know that you can’t risk the heat going out at the wrong time for your business, employees or tenants. And who wants to pay more than they have to for energy bills during the winter? Word to the wise: schedule your annual furnace service now. Your expert HVAC technicians will inspect your system, service your equipment and troubleshoot any issues that they find before they blossom into costly problems down the road.

Safe, Energy Efficient Equipment Requires Monitoring

Your commercial furnace and heating equipment is not inexpensive to purchase or install, even if you are taking advantage of the new tax breaks for commercial business owners. Furthermore, even under the best of circumstances, energy expenses can represent a major monthly percentage of your operating costs. For those reasons alone, it’s essential to have a qualified technician not only check your furnace now for routine wear and tear sustained during the rest of the year, but ensure that everything upon startup is working normally.

For example, a cracked heat exchanger may not make any noise to alert you it’s damaged, but the dangerous carbon monoxide it’s releasing into your building will have devastating consequences for everyone inside. Why risk it? Along the same lines, a faulty pilot light, a broken thermostat, or damage to your ductwork incurred over the summer months may result in irregular heat delivery for all the rooms in your commercial building, while also costing you far more in needless energy bills as people turn up the heat to compensate for the problem.

Comprehensive Tune-up and Inspection

When it comes time for an annual furnace service, your technician will:

1.) Inspect wiring and electrical systems to check for rodent damage or loose connections

2.) Inspect air vents and overall vent system for any blockages or damage

3.) Evaluate the burner, flame sensor, and heat exchanger

4.) Test the thermostat and recalibrate if needed

5.) Clean blower if needed

6.) Check the amp draw on the blower motor with appropriate testing

7.) Inspect belts for signs of damage or undue wear and tear

8.) Oil and lubricate all parts as needed

9.) Swap out air filter for a new one

10.) Evaluate overall safety and efficiency

We’ve said this before in this space, but it holds true: just as you wouldn’t let your car go without an oil change for too long, don’t let your furnace go without its yearly check-up either. Both your car and your HVAC are costly investments worth protecting, especially if you’re planning to rely on them for years to come. Call today!


Get your commercial building ready for winter by scheduling your annual furnace inspection. Call Air-Tro, the HVAC company the San Gabriel Valley has relied upon for more than 50 years for all its commercial and residential heating and cooling needs. (626) 357-3535.