Common Commercial HVAC Problems and How to Solve Them

When It Comes to Your Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning, Act Now to Avoid Big Expenses Later

For over 50 years, Air-Tro has been solving HVAC problems for commercial building owners and tenants.

They’re not crazy. At least we don’t think so! When your employees are complaining it’s freezing, and yet you’re feeling pretty toasty at your own desk, it might be your commercial HVAC system. Keep the peace at the office by checking out the list of common commercial heating and air conditioning and HVAC problems and their solutions below.

Leaky Ducts

Did you know that this HVAC problem is perhaps one of the most common? Incorrectly installed, damaged, or just plain old ductwork can result in major airflow problems throughout your building. If the conference room feels like a Chicago winter, while the break room has all the indoor comfort of an inland Florida highway rest stop, inspect the ductwork immediately.

You may have leaks that are letting heated or chilled air escape. Aside from making your employees unhappy, you also could be wasting significant money on energy bills and stressing your system unnecessarily, making it work harder to heat and cool your indoor environment.

Funny Smells

Got mildew? Does your building have certain rooms that smell musty? Worse, do you have employees coming down with frequent headaches, coughs, or overall malaise after a long day in the office? Work can be tough sometimes, but it shouldn’t make people sick. Ensuring safe, healthy indoor air is a must for commercial building owners.

If you detect a strange odor, rule out a gas leak first.  After that, it’s time to check out your HVAC problem with a quick check to your system. Along with changing air filters regularly (a must for all systems), your heat exchanger could be an issue. Look for standing water, and excess moisture pretty much anywhere. Sick building syndrome is not something just for the news, but a serious health problem across the country. Don’t let it happen to you.

Drips, Rust and Yucky Stuff

A commercial air conditioning system generates condensate normally as it pushes air through the evaporator coils. The condensate drain line, equipped with a trap, is designed to collect this condensate and filter it out and away. However, sometimes the line itself can become clogged, filling with an overgrowth of algae or other yucky stuff. The result? An HVAC problem that means your system doesn’t work as well, and water damage is possible. If you see any water dripping from the AC unit or evidence of rust, get a professional inspection, stat.

Electrical Issues

When your commercial HVAC system shuts down unexpectedly, a blown fuse might just be the problem. Don’t panic, and check the circuit breaker. If this happens a lot as your HVAC cycles on, you may have an issue with your air conditioner’s capacitator. The air conditioner capacitator ensures even electric current through your condenser. Should it break or malfunction, fuses are likely to blow. This may not be an expensive or difficult-to-fix problem, but best left to an HVAC professional.

Call the Air-Tro Professionals to Fix Your HVAC Problems

It’s no joke. Research has conclusively linked indoor comfort to productivity and overall mood. Make your commercial building a happy one by addressing these issues promptly, before a slight issue becomes a big hassle. Basically, don’t risk cranky employees because of a cranky HVAC system. The latter problem is far easier to fix!

For over 50 years, the Air-Tro experts have been proudly solving HVAC problems for clients in Pasadena, Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and the surrounding area.

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