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Does Your Heat Pump Need Repair?

Warning Signs for Heat Pump Failure You Should Know

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Heat pumps can be very effective for residential HVAC.  First, they typically save a lot of energy just by virtue of how the system works. Heat pumps move air, removing available warmth from the outdoors and bringing it indoors in the winter, while removing heat from your indoor air and sending it outside in the summer. They obviate the need for both a furnace and an air conditioning system, since a heat pump works well for both warming things up and cooling things down. Finally, heat pumps also provide greater ventilation than a heating and air conditioning setup, as they are bringing in more filtrated outdoor air than a conventional system would.

Nevertheless, sometimes you may experience problems with your heat pump. Here’s what to know.

My Home’s Heat Pump Won’t Switch On.

After first checking your thermostat for a dead battery, make sure your heat pump has access to electrical power. Did the circuit breaker go on? Sometimes these can be triggered by a brief power surge or too many appliances turned on at once. Check the circuit box to verify it’s “all systems go.”

If you’ve examined these elements and they all seem to be working correctly, it could be your heat pump starter capacitor. If you turn on the heat pump and hear soft clicking, it could very well be this element of your system. Time to call your HVAC expert for this one.

If you don’t hear any unusual noises and the heat pump still isn’t working, it could be your reversing valve. This is usually detected by checking both the heat and cool functions of your heat pump. Does one turn on but not the other? In that case, it could be this mechanism, as it’s responsible for directing refrigerant one way or the other. This is something your HVAC technician can address.

My Heat Pump Isn’t Heating.

Again, it could be an issue with your thermostat, electricity, or reversing valve. However, it could also be something as simple as dirty air filters. When was the last time you changed them? Is there leaf litter or other detritus around your outdoor unit? Check to make sure it’s clear. If it’s still not heating or cooling, your HVAC technician may check your refrigerant level or the condition of other heat pump elements.

The thing about heat pumps, like most HVAC equipment, is that a small problem can often lead to a larger, more expensive one if not addressed promptly. If you have questions about or problems with your heat pump, get it checked out before things get worse. Most issues can be quickly resolved with some expertise and attention.


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