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Los Angeles IAQ: What Should You Do to Improve Indoor Air Quality this Fall?

Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Los Angeles Home This Fall with Air-Tro, Inc. HVAC Services.

Los Angeles smog, fall pollen and mold spores, and many other air contaminants make poor indoor air quality a common problem in our area. If you want to breathe easier this fall, there’s a lot you can do to clean up your home’s air.

Control pollutants at their source.

Improperly adjusted fuel-burning appliances can leak trace amounts of carbon monoxide. To prevent this, inspect your furnace annually and check your gas stove every two years. To keep outdoor pollutants from entering, apply caulk and weatherstripping to seal air leaks. Pay close attention to doors, windows, exhaust fans, and utility line penetrations.

Keep a clutter-free home.

Piled-up papers and collections of knick-knacks give dust and other contaminants a place to hide. To avoid this, keep your surfaces clear for easier cleaning and better indoor air quality. On top of that, floor coverings can also attract contaminant particles. Instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, opt for throw rugs you can take outside and clean with a rug beater. Better yet, take them to a professional carpet cleaner for a thorough cleaning.

Get serious about cleaning.

Try running a vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter and dust with microfiber dust cloths twice each week. To kill dust mites, wash your bedding weekly in 130-degree water. Mold spots can also produce airborne spores, so be sure to scrub these spots clean with a mild bleach solution.

Invest in an air cleaner.

With several species of ragweed, sagebrush, and amaranth, Los Angeles can be a rough place to live for fall allergy sufferers. Worse yet, in times of drought, pollen builds up because there’s less rain to wash it away. A portable air cleaner in your bedroom will help. But for clean air quality throughout your home, consider installing a whole-house air cleaner.

Improve your ventilation.

Ventilation becomes increasingly important as the temperatures drop and you keep more windows closed. Use your range hood while you cook and run your exhaust fan afterward to get rid of smoke particles and fumes. For better airflow in every room, a balanced whole-house ventilation system can help.

For more professional tips on improving your indoor air quality, get in touch with us at Air-Tro in the Los Angeles and Pasadena area.

Rely on Air-Tro to Help Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Los Angeles Home

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