Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor: What to Know

Protect Your Heating and Air Conditioning Investment

choosing contractor

While we like to think we’re extra charming here at Air-Tro with our good looks and sparkling personalities, we acknowledge that we know a few other HVAC companies around that are pretty great too. We see them around town, and at the many professional conclaves we attend, and all of them would be fine choices to work on your home or business HVAC systems.

This blog post isn’t about them. What we mean is that if you do your homework and give one of those companies (or us) a call, congratulations! You’ve made a solid choice. But too many sketchy HVAC companies are also out there. They’re the ones with the technicians we don’t see at training sessions or industry conferences because their bosses don’t send them. Or they’ll have a new company name next year, mostly because the old name had to be retired because of the bad reviews.

These tips are for avoiding those kinds of HVAC contractors.

First, check their paperwork. Are they licensed? It may seem like an obvious question, but you’d be surprised how many folks out there are fooling around with your gas lines, electrical and plumbing systems who have no business doing so as far as the state’s concerned. This is particularly important when it comes to HVAC because so much changes from year to year within our field.  What was an energy efficient “best practice” in 2015 could be considered absolutely a bad idea five years later.

Don’t get us wrong: keeping up to date on these regulations and licenses is no easy feat. It requires regularly updated certifications for our employees, frequent training and coursework on changing standards and equipment technology. That’s why a company that doesn’t maintain compliance with state and federal law can charge so little to do so much. Chances are, they’re doing it wrong, or taking a leap of faith that the equipment they’re selling you that “fell of the truck” will indeed do its job as promised, at least as long as it takes for you to lose their phone number, later.

Second, check their reviews. We know from experience that not every review is necessarily an accurate reflection of the service provided or the good will intended with every client service. That’s how the system works, and in fact, a few negative reviews are a sign that it’s a real business and these are real customers writing in, and not paid-for responses. Nevertheless, what’s the trend you’re seeing on Yelp, or Google or other customer feedback platforms?

We’re proud of our team, and we’re proud of the customer service they provide. Our company’s nine-years-in-a-row designation by the San Gabriel Valley Readers Choice Awards as the Best Air Conditioning and Heating Company is no small thing for us! Reviews tell the story most of the time, and we stand by the ones our wonderful customers have taken the time to provide. Any good HVAC company will feel the same.

Finally, get a written estimate. We can’t tell you how many disaster HVAC stories we hear about start with a price and a description of what was to be done that was just a guy on the client’s porch explaining it all. Have them write it down.

Whether you own a commercial property or are a homeowner looking for the right heating and air conditioning professional, following just a few simple guidelines will help you avoid expensive problems down the road. We’ve seen too many customers come to us having fallen for a crazy bargain, only to have it turn into a costly boondoggle later on. Don’t get fooled.


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