Commercial HVAC: 5 Factors to Look For Before You Sign a Maintenance Agreement

Commercial HVAC: 5 Factors to Look For Before You Sign a Maintenance Agreement

Commercial HVAC: 5 Factors to Look For Before You Sign a Maintenance AgreementCommercial HVAC maintenance is a necessity for building owners, landlords and commercial property managers. Poor comfort or high heating and cooling costs can drive tenants and renters away, impacting the return on investment in the property. Learn how you’ll benefit from, and what to look for in a money-saving commercial HVAC maintenance agreement.

Investing in a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement results in:

  • Equipment that lasts longer. You won’t have to replace the equipment as soon as you would if you didn’t maintain the systems
  • Paying for costly repairs, as HVAC systems that are regularly cleaned and whose parts are replaced before they wear out require fewer and less costly repairs
  • Lower energy costs, boosting your bottom line when it comes to operating costs versus income

It’s clear that this investment provides a number of benefits to property owners, as well as benefits to clients and tenants, who’ll stick around longer because their costs are lower and they can live and work in a building that’s comfortable. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure that the commercial HVAC services maintenance agreement you invest in:

  1. Includes the time period the agreement covers. In general, you’ll pay less for investing in a longer service plan, because commercial HVAC providers often offer longer service agreements at a lower price.
  2. Gives you access to highly qualified professionals. Technician training and specialization should meet the unique needs and equipment of your buildings. Specialization is of importance when it comes to cold-storage equipment, clean rooms, children systems, specialized controls, water-tower chemical treatment systems and more.
  3. Doesn’t include added costs. The contract should outline the services included in the agreement. Ask lots of questions to inquire about services that aren’t included, and you’ll have to pay out of pocket for.
  4. Provides accessibility. You’ll want to be able to contact the commercial HVAC provider at all times.
  5. Delivers help fast in emergencies. A lack of heating or cooling, or a failed refrigerator system, requires fast action on the part of the provider.

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