Ready for Some Spring Cleaning? 7 Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Ready for Some Spring Cleaning? 7 Indoor Air Quality Improvements

7 Indoor Air Quality Improvements tips Pasadena, CAYou don’t have to play victim to allergens commonly found in the air during spring. Instead, take charge of your home’s improve indoor air quality with this checklist. By taking action, you can reduce or eliminate pollutants inside your home, and create a place free of allergy triggers.

  • Get in the habit of removing your shoes. People commonly track allergens into the home on the bottoms of their shoes. Reduce the likelihood of these allergens making their way into your home by removing shoes before coming into the home, or leaving them on a welcome mat just inside the door.
  • Keep in mind that clothes carry allergens too. If you spend time outdoors, you’ll track allergens that are located on your clothing inside . Never lay allergy-laden clothing on your bed, and put on a new change of clothes once you come inside.
  • Keep bedding clean. Because you likely spend a lot of time sleeping, and dust mites like to burrow into bedding, washing bedding frequently in hot water keeps the sleeping area allergen-free. You can also cover the mattress and pillows with dust mite-proof covers.
  • Clean with the right tools. Dusting with a tool that employs electrostatic material helps to trap dust and allergens, rather than simply spreading it around. Using a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum also boosts cleaning practices, as this type of vacuum permanently traps allergens inside of it.
  • Keep humidity levels low. If you commonly experience high levels of moisture in the home, ensure that exhaust vents aren’t directed back inside the home, consider using a dehumidifier, or install Ultraviolet (UV) lights to destroy mold spores, bacteria and viruses.
  • Use an air cleaner. Whole-house systems typically employ multiple technologies like UV lights, a high-efficiency filter, and a catalyst to combat all three classes of contaminants like particulates, bioaerosols, and odors and volatile organic compounds.

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