Commercial HVAC System Upkeep: Three Ways This Translates into Lower Operating Costs

The Commercial Property Owner’s Easy Way to Save

Commercial HVAC, service and maintenance

Commercial real estate ownership requires a constant balance between what you have to spend and what you need to save. We understand that at Air-Tro.  The newest bells and whistles for any property may not be fiscally appropriate at a particular time, whatever their benefits. The fact is that while HVAC is a “must-have” for businesses in the San Gabriel Valley, many commercial buildings are neither set up to accommodate nor able to afford the latest in any technologies for their office or warehouse just now.

And yet, whatever your budget, regular system maintenance on your commercial HVAC system is an absolute must, especially as we head into another punishingly hot summer. The fact is that scheduling this upkeep will save you money not just in operating costs now, but later on, as well.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why this is so important.


System maintenance lets you save more energy.

Whether it’s a leaky air duct or clogged filters, your HVAC can break down in ways you don’t even know about until it’s too late. In the meantime, these subtle problems are costing you money with every energy bill. One leaky commercial air duct has been calculated by the Department of Energy as typically increasing energy usage by 30% before it is discovered. That’s serious cash in wasted heating and cooling costs. No matter what your system, it’s a needless expense.


System maintenance lets you keep your existing system longer.

Even if your HVAC is more than five years old, you can reasonably expect from 10-25 years out of it depending on usage, and you guessed it, maintenance schedules. However, older systems are often more complicated than newer ones, and have greater propensity for equipment failure. Freon is no longer being manufactured, and many system models are discontinued over time.

What does this mean to you? If your older HVAC breaks down, replacement parts alone may be costly and difficult to come by. For that reason, it pays to keep your existing system in top working order. Our trained HVAC techs will inspect every facet of your heating and cooling equipment to ensure it’s operating at peak performance, preventing small problems that later lead to irreversible system failures.


System maintenance lets you be in control.

There are many new options in heating and cooling that may not have been around when you were purchasing your last system for your commercial property. Things have changed rapidly over the past decade in HVAC, with an increased focus on saving energy and lowering costs. Furthermore, new tax breaks for small to mid-size business mean significant rebates on installation and purchase.

However, why embark on the research and information–gathering on what system is best for you if you’re not ready? Being forced to buy and install a new system quickly because your current HVAC is broken is a needlessly stressful undertaking. It’s far better to take your time in doing so, and chances are you’ll end up with a much happier result, as well. Keep your system working until you decide you need a new one. Don’t let it break down…. and decide for you.

It’s easy to see, isn’t it? The facts are that scheduling regular upkeep now will save you money not just in operating costs at the moment, but later on as well.


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