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Heat Pumps Offer Clean, Inexpensive HVAC for Your Home

Today’s Rebates Give New Discounts for Homeowners

Heat Pumps

We make it a point to tell our customers when there are new sales incentives or tax credits for a certain product or type of equipment. The marketplace is always changing, and these kinds of discounts pop up frequently. However, recent incentives from Southern California Edison and the federal government make this particular offer hard to ignore!

SCE is now offering rebates between $300 to $600/ton for high efficiency heat pumps. This means nearly all of Samsung heat pump equipment qualifies for the discount, as most of its products fall within that range. Moreover, the Federal 25C tax credit is now extended until the end of December 2020, providing an equipment tax credit of 10% on the cost of these products up to $500, or a specific amount from $50 to $300. The only requirement is that the home getting this equipment be your primary residence.

Sounds great, you may say.

But what the heck is a heat pump system?

Unlike conventional HVAC that uses a boiler or furnace to heat your home along with a separate condenser used to cool it, a heat pump provides both. You read that right—a heat pump can remove heat from the air, moving it inside or outside your home as necessary. They don’t require any fossil fuels to operate, either. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to appreciate that this translates into huge savings when it comes to heating or cooling your home, as you don’t need to pay for gas to run it, either.

Heat pumps have both an outside and indoor component, both of which have condenser and evaporator coils within them to remove and release heat when appropriate to do so. Air at the desired temperature is then moved through ductwork into or out of your home.

Furthermore, heat pumps also are easier (read: less expensive) to maintain, as there is only one system to attend to, rather than one unit for air conditioning and another, separate piece of equipment for heat.

The drawbacks? In Southern California, where the weather rarely drops below freezing, a heat pump system can maintain indoor comfort all year round. However, in colder climates, these heat pumps are less efficient in temperatures consistently below freezing. In Alaska, you’d need a heat pump and an additional source of heat to stay comfortable. However, in a place like Monrovia, for example, even on the coldest day of the year, your home would be warm and toasty with this system.

There are multiple options for heat pump equipment. Some are more expensive than others. However, all offer this significant energy savings, along with the incredible rebates now available. Talk to your Air-Tro professional to find out more.

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