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Choosing the Right Size Commercial HVAC System for Your Business

Sizing your airconditioner 1

Understand the Basics When It Comes to HVAC for Your Commercial Space

When choosing the right size commercial HVAC system for your business there is a lot to consider. Sizing an HVAC system for your business requires considerations for indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and lowering your utility bills. At a time when bigger is viewed as better, why wouldn’t you just go with the biggest system you could afford for heating and cooling?

The truth is…don’t! Choosing the right size commercial HVAC system for your commercial property is not as simple as going big or going home. In fact, getting the wrong size system is tantamount to throwing money out the window. Oversized or undersized equipment will waste energy, force the system to work harder to do less, and potentially cost you thousands in unneeded maintenance and repair bills, not to mention require replacement parts far sooner than you would have to purchase otherwise.

Instead, think about the following when you’ve made the decision to get a new system for your commercial building:

*Difference between the typical outdoor temperatures in your area and temperatures you’ll want to maintain inside.

*Particulars of your commercial building: do you have insulation? A lot or a little? Has your building been constructed to be energy efficient, or is it an older space with a lot of drafts, and other indoor comfort challenges?

*What will your space be used for? Are you going to have a large IT room, lots of computers and/or a commercial kitchen, or is this space mostly for offices?

*How many people will be using the building, and how often?

These questions are critically important in determining the size and type of indoor comfort system you choose. Your HVAC consultant will then calculate the cooling load: the square footage of your building divided by the average number of BTUs the system can remove per hour, factoring in amounts for solar radiation, number of potential occupants, and any kitchen areas to be included.

In addition, : choosing the right size commercial HVAC system will be also influenced by current best practices dictated by the state and federal government for energy usage and conservation, types of refrigerants used, and more. Basically, it’s complicated.

We’ve discussed the importance of using a licensed, certified HVAC professional for your heating and cooling needs. As you might imagine, nowhere is this perhaps more important than when it comes to selecting a heating and air conditioning system in which to invest.

You wouldn’t buy a car without doing a little research ahead of time. Don’t make that mistake with your HVAC.  Get multiple estimates, but also get information. Why is your consultant recommending this size and particular system? Remember, when chosen correctly, this can be equipment you can depend upon for a decade or more.

Do you need a contractor to help with choosing the right size commercial HVAC system? Get the experts from Air-Tro to help. We’re the commercial heating and cooling specialists the Southland depends upon for all their HVAC needs. (626) 357-3535.