HVAC Maintenance and Your Home’s Humidity Levels: What to Know

Know the Signs That Indicate Your System May Need HVAC Maintenance

Humidity, indoor air quality

In Southern California, humidity levels are generally not as high as they are in other states. If your system is not working properly, you may notice that the moisture levels inside your home are excessive. If so, you may need HVAC maintenance.

If you notice a buildup of moisture it could mean that your air conditioning unit is not removing precipitation from indoor air as effectively as it should. Given the potential damage, high humidity levels can inflict on furniture, clothing, building materials, and even human health, this is an issue that requires immediate attention.

An HVAC system normally works to take humidity out of the air, not add to it. The refrigerant moving through your AC compressor and condenser should absorb indoor heat and moisture. Any extra condensation left over from this process is funneled out of your cooling equipment by way of the condensate pan beneath the evaporator coil.

In some situations, however, HVAC maintenance is needed when the unit cannot effectively remove the moisture in the indoor air. This can happen for several reasons:

Your HVAC equipment is too big for your home’s size

Ironically, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to air conditioning equipment. If the space is too small for the size of the system, the compressor shuts on and off many more times a day than it would otherwise, leaving little time to remove humidity along with the hot air.

In this situation, your high humidity levels could be a sign that you need to downsize to a more appropriate system for the square footage of your home.  One silver lining? Your utility bills will be cheaper with a smaller HVAC system since its load capacity will fit the size of your home appropriately.

Your fan is left “on” throughout the day

Like the size issue, it may seem counterintuitive that you shouldn’t leave the HVAC fan on all day. However, a constantly running fan usually makes humidity worse, leading to more issues. Any condensation your HVAC has removed is instantly blown back into the air before it can be drained. To avoid the need for further HVAC maintenance, turn off your fan for 24 hours, and see if that helps.

You haven’t scheduled an annual HVAC maintenance visit

If HVAC maintenance is required, a qualified technician will clean the evaporator coils, change out air filters and calibrate your thermostat, ensuring the system is working at peak performance levels. Often, dirty coils can reduce a system’s effectiveness at removing moisture from the air. Broken or damaged components can also affect how well your HVAC works. Remember, good maintenance means your system will run better, cost less to operate, and last longer.

You need an HVAC dehumidifier

If you’re not interested in a new air conditioning system, and home humidity levels are still a problem, consider installing a dehumidifier. Your technician can advise you on the best product to go with your existing equipment.

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