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Anthony Alvarado

I’d give a 10 star rating if possible!

I’d give a 10 star rating if possible! From the point of calling to the fix of the air conditioning unit, they are amazingly kind and professional thru and thru.I’m very satisfied and highly recommend Air-Tro. They have a new customer with me. Thank you Anthony and Air-Tro!

- Anthony P.,
Posted on: Yelp 7/15/2020
Work done: Found system leaking refrigerant. Sealed the leak and replaced the lost refrigerant.

They are great! Very reliable.

The circuit panel on my HVAC failed 3 days prior to major surgery. Air-Tro went to great lengths to get the part needed expedited and installed in time for me to go to the hospital and return home to a comfortable house. They are great, very reliable and keep my home comfortable year-round.

- Kathleen R.,
Posted on: Yelp 6/23/2020
Work done: Replaced bad circuit board

Great service

We have always had great service from Air-Tro. When we have had to renew a part, it is always because that part is truly worn. Most years the cost is just the normal annual cost, which is very reasonable.

- Gerald B.,
Posted on: Google 3/27/2019
Work done: Planned Service

Very Helpful

Andrew was very helpful, but my heater is still not working correctly. It wouldn’t come on at all last week, when it was very cold (the default temp is 60 and the readout showed indoor temps in the 50s). It won’t come on when I set it to higher than 60, but oddly enough, it was on when I got home l

- Danielle R.,
Posted on: 2/12/2019
Work done: Clean flame sensor to restore furnace operation