New Advanced Thermostats: Are They Right for Your Commercial HVAC System?

Sustainability, Customization Just Two of the Important Benefits

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Many programmable thermostats can be controlled remotely.

Cost cutting doesn’t have to be painful when it comes to your commercial building. Furthermore, it may even make your employees more comfortable, when you install a new, programmable thermostat. Right now, you could be wasting up to 60% of your commercial building’s energy usage with inappropriate heating or cooling. Consider updating your thermostat for a relatively easy, cheap and useful upgrade that will prove helpful for any commercial building owner concerned about their bottom line.

Don’t Heat (or Cool) What You Don’t Need To, on a Daily Basis

Why waste money on heating or cooling rooms or floors (or heck, even buildings) that lie empty on the weekends or at night? With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule HVAC usage for various rooms and building zones throughout the month. You won’t be heating conference rooms no one is using, while still ensuring late night or off-hours employees are comfortable. With remote temperature monitoring, you can manage your thermostat from your home desktop or mobile device, for even more control over your daily utility spend.

Commercial HVAC System Data Is Your Friend

Along with more convenience, today’s programmable thermostats offer enhanced data collection on your individual energy usage. With automated alerts, regular energy reports and the ability to compare system performance over time with granular data, your programmable thermostat lets you stay up-to-date. Equipment degradation, and breakdowns can be more easily identified before they become expensive crises. Temperature adjustments can also be made quickly and remotely in response to staff complaints.

Let’s Not Forget Energy Savings, Too

In addition to keeping everyone inside your building more comfortable, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind with a more advanced thermostat. Establishing, seeing and maintaining temperature schedules is simple, so you’re no longer wasting time and money each month on excess cooling and heating. An advanced, programmable thermostat is also responsive to outside air temperature and the building’s own historical data, so the most effective setpoint can be achieved. And along with lower energy bills, your system can now only work when needed, eventually lasting longer and requiring less overall maintenance.

Saving the Best For Last

Swapping out your thermostat for a more efficient one may be the best way to upgrade your indoor comfort without spending more on a full system replacement. Many of these thermostats work well with existing equipment. Streamlining your commercial building’s energy usage has never been easier.


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