Choosing a New Central AC System for Your Home: What to Consider

Cost Effective Air Conditioning Is Here

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A cold drink and a good air conditioner are the keys to enjoying a warm summer’s day.

So your current air conditioner isn’t working. You’ve tried more maintenance, you’ve changed the filters, and it’s still not functioning. You’ve even had it inspected by a professional who has recommended replacement before the dog days of summer arrive. But there are a lot of options out there, most of which seem to cost a whole lot of money. How do you select the right one?

A Big Investment, But One That Should Yield Dividends

There’s no question that air conditioning may be one of your home’s biggest improvements. Purchased wisely, your next system should last between 10-15 years. Furthermore, the right equipment can lower your energy bills, particularly if your old A/C wasn’t working correctly. The first caveat? Don’t save a little to spend a lot. Make sure you get a new outdoor condenser unit AND an indoor evaporator when you replace your system. Do not just replace the condensing feature. Doing so will have a negative impact on the way the central A/C works, reducing overall efficiency and likely costing more month to month.

A Higher SEER Score Does Not Always Mean a Better System

Expanding on the theme of saving energy and your bank balance, consider also the SEER rating of your new unit. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating will be on the condenser’s yellow sticker in the showroom. These numbers matter. The higher the rating, the cheaper the cooling costs, as the system is more efficient. So does this mean you should go with the highest rating? Not necessarily. Here’s where it gets complicated.

Don’t fall for the idea that a higher score means a more expensive system will pay for itself over time. Quite simply, that depends on its size, how much you use your system, the condition of your home’s current ductwork, and how long you plan to live in your home. Ask an HVAC professional, not a salesperson, before making the leap to an expensive, high-efficiency model.

Check out These Extra Air Conditioning Features

What else to consider? Look for these features:

Programmable thermostat: Why cool your house when you’re not home? A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule indoor temperatures all week long. Some models even allow you to access through your iPad or mobile phone.

Automatic delay fan switch: this allows your air handler to run after the compressor has already switched off. Why does this matter? With the automatic delay fan switch, the air conditioner’s fan will have a chance to push all the leftover cool air out of your ductwork and into your house, saving energy and allowing for greater indoor comfort, even after the system is switched off. After all, why not use all the cool air generated by your system?

There’s lots to think about. But we all know that studies show how central heat and air positively affect your home’s resale value. On a hot afternoon, nothing can beat the cool refreshment of an efficient A/C system. And with a cost effective, energy efficient model, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from saving money, too.


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