Cutting-edge HVAC UV Lights for Flu Protection

Ever notice how workplace absenteeism climbs as cold, and flu viruses make the rounds?

Bacteria in the form of germs, viruses, or fungi can spread through an HVAC system quite quickly.

As commercial building or homeowners, what’s the solution? The answer may lie in cutting edge UV light technology.

Scientist Niels Finsen won a Nobel Prize in 1903 for his work treating tuberculosis with ultraviolet light. Today, the HVAC industry has made UV light an essential option for any commercial or residential customer seeking to eliminate the threat of mold and bacteria from their current system.

hvac uv light reduces 90 percent

The UV light has been shown to eliminate 90% of microorganisms lurking in any home or commercial air conditioning system.

Learn more about this cutting-edge technology with our High Tech Flu Protection Using UV at the Office white paper.

Talk to an Air-Tro HVAC professional to help you to decide upon the right UV light system for your house or business. Whatever your choice, know that you are taking a real step toward keeping your workplace or home free from bacteria and contaminants, while maintaining indoor comfort for all. Call 626.357.3535 today!