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Fake News! Get the Truth About Efficiently Heating Your Home

These HVAC Myths Are Costing You Money!

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We get it: when it’s cold outside, the last thing you might be thinking about is energy efficiency if you have central heating and air conditioning. Just like reaching for a blanket, it’s human instinct to do whatever gets your home cozy as quickly as possible. But are the steps you’re taking less than helpful?

We’ve assembled some of the worst myths below about how HVAC works or the best ways to use it. Read more, below!

Fake News Story #1: Turning Your Thermostat On Higher Makes Your HVAC Work Faster

It’s cold. The furnace seems like it’s taking forever to warm your home, so you turn it on even higher to get it to operate even faster. Seems reasonable, right? But did you know this isn’t actually effective? In fact, it will not only force your system to work harder, putting a strain on your existing equipment, but will also crank up your energy bills?

The truth is that your HVAC system works at the same pace whether it’s heating at 65 degrees or 85 degrees. Heated air is delivered at a constant rate of speed no matter what the thermostat setting. Unhappy with the temperature you come home to after a long day at work or school? Consider installing an inexpensive “smart thermostat” to have more control over the temperature 24/7.  You can take advantage of times when people aren’t around to keep the place cool, but have the system move to a warmer setting up shortly before family members return. Plus, you can “fix it and forget it” right from your mobile phone!

Fake News Story #2: Forget the Fan Until Summer

Did you know that using your ceiling fans during winter could help you save energy and keep your home warmer by better distributing the air throughout each room? Without the hot air accumulating at the ceiling (after all, heat rises), your home will feel toastier without having to increase the thermostat setting. After you turn on the fans, check around the house for air leaks to the outside from ill-fitting windows or an old door frame. Repairing cracks and eliminating drafts has been shown to reduce heating costs significantly too.

We know we don’t have to remind you to replace your air filters consistently as well: if you follow this blog, you know it’s one of our favorite tips for summer as well as winter. Clean filters will always help you maximize HVAC performance and minimize costs.

Fake News Story #3: Save Money by Turning Your Furnace Off Completely When You’re Not Home

Don’t do it! The truth is that it costs more to have the furnace have to stop and restart within a 24 hour cycle than just to leave it on at a lower temperature when you’re gone, and raise the temp setting a few degrees for when you return. Again, if you haven’t already, consult one of our specialists about installing an inexpensive, energy saving “smart thermostat.” You’ll see your energy bills fall while enjoying more indoor comfort, and more control over your heating and cooling strategy.

The facts are that HVAC technology today is focused on lowering your costs while enhancing your indoor comfort. A little awareness and a few inexpensive upgrades can make a world of difference when keeping your family perfectly comfortable indoors.

Need help picking an energy-saving thermostat? Consult the experts at Air-Tro. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.